The Consulting Pitch Deck Mistakes You Must Avoid

The Consulting Pitch Deck Mistakes You Must Avoid

From Radha Krushan

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A consultant pitch deckor consulting PowerPoint presentation is your way of pitching to a prospective client.

Unfortunately, mistakes in presentation can result in the loss of the business you're pitching to.

Here are four ways for helping you stay clear of making mistakes and increase your hitting rate.

  • Amateurism is a no-no
  • Do your homework
  • Tell an interesting story
  • Create a call-to-action

Amateurism Is a Consulting pitch deck consultant No-No

Even even if this is your first using a PowerPoint presentation, there's no excuse to make it look like a professional.

Consultants could take lessons from the professionals who design websites. They're worried with as well UX design and UI design.

  • UX is all about the user experience. What does the user experience and will they be able to achieve their objectives?
  • UI is all about the look and feel as well as interactivity.

Consultants must consider what the purpose of the audience. Are they looking for general information and specifically tailored solutions to needs or information about your background? What is the effectiveness of the presentation providing what they need?

It's crucial to imagine yourself in the position of someone who's experiencing the information for the first time and then ask questions.

  • Does everyone have the ability to view the slides? Are the the fonts wide enough? is the layout easy enough?
  • Are the most significant elements evident?
  • How much mess is there?

Lilly Walters puts it like"This," says Lilly Walters "The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives."

If you're preparing a serious pitch, it could be worthwhile spending several hundred dollars for an expert graphic designer.

One of the most common mistakes made in presentations is having an unintentionally lengthy or overly elaborate.

The rule of thumb is that 15 slides are Wimgo to make an pitch deck. Anything more than that makes you appear in the wrong direction. This requires you to recognize the essential elements and then present them clearly, with no unnecessary fluff.

Photos, infographics, charts videos, even infographics are useful, if you know the exact reason for they are included.

"The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives." -- Lilly Walters, author of Speak and Grow Rich

Do Your Homework

A consultative PowerPoint presentation isn't just about content. The context is equally crucial.

The most impressive presentation will be missed by those who don't need the services.

Before you give your deck of pitch ideas, conduct an extensive study of the audience.

  • What was their prior experience of working with consultants?
  • What specific issue within their company would you be able to address?
  • Who are the key change-makers?
  • Do you see any similarities between your experiences and those of others?

The good news is that your audience will ask questions if they feel they've connected to your presentation. They want answers immediately.

Expect to be asked questions about your team, your project management, the market potential and your financials and important indicators. If you are promising high returns Be prepared to discuss the factors you've thought about.

Be aware of what you can learn from your competition and demonstrate how you stack against them.

It's always a good idea to pass your presentation through acquaintances or colleagues to determine what questions they might ask.

Let Your Presentation Tell A Story

People are able to remember a story and not just a listing of numbers.

It is possible to master methods which you'll have to learn these. However, here are some tips.

The audience should be engaged and take the journey of their minds. When you're creating your Pro Business Plans, you should consider what you could tell in a narrative.

Maybe you could introduce the idea of a "hero figure" to take throughout the slides. For instance, "This is Annah, a hard-working but overworked CEO, trying to [describe the problem]." Then, describe the way the protagonist faced obstacles (the specifics of the issue) and ultimately overcame them (your answer).

Alternately, you could incorporate certain elements of storytelling to the presentation.

It is possible to share your tale of how you assisted an individual client. Or , you could describe your own personal experience of the way you overcome a setback or created the solution you're suggesting. It personalizes your presentation and makes the audience get to know and respect the person you are speaking to. The guidelines are to ensure:

  • The story is interesting and, ideally, enjoyable
  • It's authentic
  • It's very short (2 minutes max) It is also very easy to use.
  • You're enthusiastic when you're sharing it.

The most important aspect to any speech is to get the audience to believe that the issue you're explaining is their issue as well. This makes it simpler for them to come with your solution.

Add a Call to Action to Your Consulting Pitch Deck

A mistake in a presentation is to finish with all you've done and not inform your audience what they need to do. Make sure to include the audience with a call-to-action (CTA).

If you wish that your point to become concise Use only one type of CTA in your presentation:

  • "Change:You want your audience to consider a different approach or adopt a different approach or thought
  • StopYou would like your viewers to cease doing something, for instance using manual systems instead of digital systems
  • Discourage or deter:You want to persuade your audience members not to initiate with something.
  • Keep: It is your goal to encourage the people who are watching to continue doing something, e.g., making use of your servicesor the funding of a project

Let's suppose you want the public to try you latest digital service. Your CTA could look something like this:

For a seven-day no-cost trial of this amazing product

The CTA is a plea for change and offers the following guidelines:

  • Be specific and clear. Make the CTA shorter and include information such as, e.g. the address of your website
  • The audience is asked to take action immediately. They have seven days.
  • Give rewards (a FREE trial) since everybody is asking, What's to be gained?
  • Create a CTA simple to complete. You want them to purchase your brand new digital product and you're offering them a simple first step.
  • Always include always include the CTA to your consultation pitch deck. Be sure the font size is big enough and that there is ample white space around it.

It is crucial to note that even though your CTA might be the final slide (don't add a thank you slide to it) It must be presented in a way that is that is beneficial to the audience.

Also, there could be an opening sentence on your slide:

"[Wonderful product] will give you an extra three hours on every working day."

Key Takeaways for Your Consulting Pitch Deck

Professionally trained techniques can help you build powerful consulting pitch decks and avoid presenting mistakes.

It is essential that the presentation looks professional and is geared towards the needs for the viewers. Make sure you do your homework Learn to tell a story and include clear calls to the audience to take action.

Check these suggestions out and see the impact they can have on your next PowerPoint presentation!

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