The Christopher Labbadia Memorial Fund

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The Chris Cares Challenge
Through acts of kindness we CAN make a difference in this world - Take the Chris Cares Challenge, post your act of kindness #ChrisCares and challenge 3 more people to do the same!
"Love" Level
Chris loved his family and adored his grandparents. Known also as the "baby whisperer", he had an uncanny ability to connect with babies and young children. His love was unconditional.
"Laughter" Level
This is Chris' greatest gift to all he knew. He loved to make you laugh and didn't care what he had to do to get it...he was the king of practical jokes and he took no prisoners.
"Loyalty" Level
Chris deeply valued his friendships and would be the first one to step forward to protect a friend in trouble. The bond formed friendships founded in loyalty will sustain Chris's friends in the memories that they will cherish forever.
"Acceptance" Level
Chris made it a point to be kind to everyone. He did not judge. He accepted everyone for who they were, despite which social group they fit into and regardless of what people said about them. Chris lived by the Golden Rule.
"Passion" Level
Whatever Chris was into, he was all in. He was passionate. He loved his car, he loved his music, he loved his clothes, he loved 'flexn' and he loved his latest passion, hover boarding. There was no half way with Chris.
"Happy, Healthy, Safe" Level
We are all here for a brief moment to do good in our own unique way. May we be HAPPY celebrating each day as a gift. May we be HEALTHY in body, mind, and spirit. May we be SAFE from harm physically, emotionally and spiritually. Chris was our inspiration.
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