The Best Tutoring Agencies in Hong Kong

The Best Tutoring Agencies in Hong Kong

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There are many tutoring agencies 補習中介  in Hong Kong, but which ones offer the best service? We've highlighted a few of them in this article. These include Seriously Addictive Mathematics, Snapask, and MyTutors. Read on for more information! We'll also tell you about one of our favorite 上門補習 tutoring agencies . Listed below are a few of our favorites. But which one should you use?


If you are planning to enroll at a UK school or university, you must prepare yourself to pass the entrance exam. myTutors is an international tutoring agency 私人補習平台 in Hong Kong. It provides online tutoring for students applying for UK schools and universities. You can contact hundreds of tutors for your individual needs. Tutoring rates vary according to the tutor's experience and qualifications. Most tutors at Keystone are university graduates. Moreover, there are no registration fees for the service.

Whether you need help with an academic subject or want your kids to improve their grades, Keystone Tutors offers personalized tutoring. Their tutors are experts in their fields, so your child will get the best possible help. Apart from helping your child excel in school, Keystone Tutors also provides after school tutoring for kids in Hong Kong. Their online tutoring services cover the entire curriculum of the UK, including the SAT, IB, Oxbridge, and ACT exams.


There are many reasons to choose Snapask as your tutoring agency. One of the main reasons is that they provide high-quality tutors at very competitive rates. The service's algorithm selects tutors based on a number of factors including the number of questions answered by the tutor and the amount of engagement a tutor receives. This approach also allows Snapask to focus less on tutor retention and more on providing excellent tutors.

The popularity of online tutoring services like Snapask is growing in Hong Kong. In fact, it has over 16,000 instructors who provide one-on-one tutoring services. In addition to being available around the clock, the service also offers homework assistance. Rather than wasting valuable time looking for a tutor, students can simply take a picture of their homework. Within 10 minutes, the app will solve the problem. For those parents who have limited time to devote to tutoring, Snapask has a mobile app that matches homework questions with a suitable tutor.

Growing IQ

The growing IQ philosophy focuses on supporting children from ages 2.5 to 12 with strong mathematical foundations and growth mindsets. This philosophy emphasizes understanding over memorization, process over speed, and problem-solving over equations. By using manipulatives and creative ways to teach math, this philosophy encourages creativity and critical thinking. Growing IQ also aims to develop a child's love for math and foster their ability to tackle real-world problems.

The growing popularity of private supplementary tutoring has far-reaching social and economic implications. Despite its widespread popularity, researchers have largely ignored this topic. In this article, we examine the nature of demand for private tutoring in Hong Kong, drawing on literature from other countries. We then present the socio-economic patterns of tutoring in Hong Kong. We call for further detailed research. This article has been updated and is intended for use by tutoring agencies in Hong Kong.

Seriously Addictive Mathematics

The founder of Seriously Addictive Mathematics, Sam Kwan, is an introverted and lay-low entrepreneur who saw an untapped opportunity in Singapore's math education space. Sam, who grew up in Singapore, spotted this gap in the market seven years ago. While math is taught in all schools in Singapore, it is often the preserve of a small number of companies, including Kumon. Singaporean parents tend to have a kiasu mindset, enrolling their children in preschool or early learning programmes.

As the world's largest math enrichment program, Seriously Addictive Math now has over 200 centers across 20 countries. The program has won multiple awards from parenting resources and international business associations. Their students have consistently ranked among the highest performers on international math tests. The curriculum is based on Singapore Math, which teaches children to think critically and develop problem-solving skills through mathematics. While Singapore Math focuses on the process of solving problems, its methods are also applicable to other countries.

NTK Learning Centre

The NTK Learning Center is a Hong Kong-based educational consultancy and tuition centre that specialises in academic tuition and standardized test preparation. The center was established in 1996, focusing on international school students and international students studying in Hong Kong. They offer courses and tuition which are closely aligned with the local and international curricula, and also provide educational planning and consultation services to help students in any way possible.

There are many advantages to using NTK as your tutor. You can benefit from one-on-one tuition with a personal tutor, or join a small group of other students for a more personalized approach. You can also choose to receive your tuition at home, if you prefer. The centre also offers a range of online tutoring services, including live tutorials and customised learning plans.

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