The best technology for web and mobile app development 2021

The best technology for web and mobile app development 2021

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You need to develop both mobile and web versions of your app. Moreover, you need your app to be adaptive both for iOS and Android platforms.

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You need to develop both mobile and web versions of your app. Moreover, you need your app to be adaptive both for iOS and Android platforms. Of course, such development is quite a time- and cost-consuming process. Is there any way out?

Well, in such cases our custom software development company RexSoft uses the top frameworks with cross-platform nature - Flutter, React Native, and Node.js.

Read further to find out what benefits these technologies can bring to your business.


Flutter is a framework created by Google in 2017. It is free and open-source. And its the second one among the most popular frameworks used by developers worldwide (according to Statista).

1.    Cross-platform development

The greatest thing you should know about Flutter is that it gives an ability to use one programming language to create two different apps for different environments - both iOS and Android. Moreover, Flutter is suitable for web development. So using just one framework can cover all your business needs.

2.            Accelerated time-to-market

The secret of success is dead simple: you dont need to spend doubled man-hours for separate IOS and Android software development. You dont need to hire separate iOS developers, Android developers, and web developers. Flutter optimizes your resources. So while your competitors stick to platform-specific code developmentyou can present your product to the market much faster.

3.            Huge opportunities for UI customization

Thanks to flutter app development you can customize any UI/UX element of any complexity. Actually, you can say that its also possible with native development. However, with Flutter, shape, color, or shadow transformations and manipulations can be conducted almost effortlessly.

Apps developed with Flutter:

·         Google Ads

·         Alibaba

·         Reflectly

·         Birch Finance


React Native is a mobile development framework created by Facebook. It is perfect for the development of Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP apps.

What benefits can you get using React Native for your app?:

1.    Faster development

There are many ready-to-apply components in this framework. Also, they are reusable between iOS and Android. Thanks to such cross-platform nature you can enhance the development process.

2.            The one expert you require is a JavaScript Developer

With React Native, as with the Flutter, you dont need to hire Android and iOS experts. One react native development company can create the app of your dreams, making the development process more consistent and effective.

3.            Large community of developers

React Native platform is open-source. It means that the developers can share their knowledge of the frameworks development. All this expertise is free to access. So your development team can find external support at any time, solving issues much faster.

Apps developed with React Native:

·         Bloomberg

·         Facebook

·         Uber Eats

·         Airbnb



Node.js is another open-source JavaScript environment for cross-platform development.

The benefits:

1.    Reusable Code

With one Node.js framework, you can cover front-end, back-end, mobile, and web development needs.

2.            Great scalability

It is easy to add new modules to the app. That gives a great opportunity to scale your app both vertically and horizontally. Node.js is often used for developing apps with microservice architecture. In such apps, each microservice can be deployed, upgraded, scaled, and restarted independently.

From the business point of view, it means that whenever you need to conduct your seismic shift to growing, with Node.js you can without any troubles scale the whole app or particular functionality.

3.            Outstanding performance

According to Hackernoon, node.js development can cut the app loading time by 50%-60%. This framework gives the opportunity to prevent server overloading, process the data instantly, and manage the files easily. That's why even with huge amounts of customer traffic your app will work smoothly and uninterruptedly.

Apps developed with Node.js:

·         Paypal

·         Netflix

·         LinkedIn

·         Uber



This trinity of the above-discussed technologies - Flutter, React Native, and Node.js - can be the perfect solution if you want to cut the development time and costs and make your business even more successful. Which one to choose? Its up to you. We, in RexSoft, are always open to consult you to choose the most optimal tech stack. And, of course, wed love to develop a software solution to help you achieve your business goals. Lets start your app development journey!


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