The Best SEO Companies in Hong Kong

The Best SEO Companies in Hong Kong

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If you are looking for the best SEO company in Hong Kong, you've come to the right place. There are four main SEO companies listed in this directory. HKGSEO, Xiang Gang SEO Gong Si, Havoc Digital, and Inetasia. Each company specialises in different areas of SEO, but these four offer the same services. If you aren't sure which company is right for your business, read on for more information.


When it comes to search engine optimization, SEO HK is one of the best companies in Hong Kong. This digital marketing agency offers a range of services including website SEO, social media marketing, PPC campaigns, and web design and development. The firm employs ex-Google employees and has offices in Australia and Singapore. The team has experience with all types of digital marketing, including website design and backlink building.

While it may seem daunting to make a marketing strategy that involves hours of work, the results are worth the effort. For a company to succeed in the digital realm, it has to be well optimised. An SEO expert will use proven methods to boost a site's search engine rankings and improve its visibility. While some companies charge by the hour, others require monthly payments. One of the best SEO companies in Hong Kong is HKG Digital, which provides both small and large businesses with SEO packages that include guaranteed high rankings on Google within 30 months.

Backlinks HK

As of January 2019, nearly nine in ten Internet users in Hong Kong use the Internet for personal reasons. Over 95 percent of these people connect to the internet every single day, and the average Hong Kong web user spends six hours, 23 minutes, online. Getting your website to appear in the top SERPs will boost your website's visibility, sales, and engagement. A good SEO service can help your site appear in top SERPs.

Xiang Gang SEO Gong Si understands the importance of local SEO and implements proven SEO methods that will improve your rankings and drive more traffic to your website. While other Hong Kong SEO companies may require monthly payments, HKG Digital offers SEO packages for small and medium-sized businesses that are affordable. With an affordable monthly plan, you'll have your website listed high on Google within thirty months.

Havoc Digital

The range of services offered by Havoc Digital is broad. The company offers 18 different services in the region they serve. That's way above average, and it means you can cover more during a project. This is great news for business owners because they can avoid the pitfalls that many new companies make. However, the lack of reviews may indicate that the company is not paying enough attention to your business' profile.

According to the most recent statistics, almost nine out of ten Hongkongers use the internet. That's 95 percent of the population. As of January 2019, nearly nine in ten Hong Kong Internet users connect to the web for personal reasons. The average Hong Kong web user spends six hours and 23 minutes on the web every day. So, you can imagine how much money is being made online by maximising the power of this trend.


Inetasia provides enterprise-level performance marketing solutions and services. Founded in 2001, Inetasia is one of Asia's first internet solution providers. The company is an official partner of Amplitude, AB Tasty, Braze, Webtrends, and TYPO3 among others. Known for their data-driven marketing solutions, Inetasia recently launched a platform called Campaign Sherpa, which provides data-driven insights to help marketers make more informed decisions.

SEO is an essential element of digital marketing. When done right, SEO can boost a site's presence and generate targeted traffic. That's why Taiwan businesses need a professional SEO agency to improve their search engine rankings. With the right SEO strategy, Inetasia can expand your online reach, generate leads, and increase sales. SEO strategies include analysing how search engines work and considering actual search terms.

The agency's expertise in the digital marketing space enables it to help clients achieve a high-ranking presence on the first page of Google's search results. This ranking is based on a proprietary scoring algorithm and combines Website Performance and Search Engine Optimization scores. Rankings are updated every quarter. The company has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Its clients include SMEs, startups, and large businesses.

This article is prepared by SEO HK, which is an SEO company located in Hong Kong. They have helped to rank high on Google’s SEPs for a competitive keyword 補習社.

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