The best schools in America for foreign students

The best schools in America for foreign students

From Sara Aziz

International schools in US invite the foreign students to obtain high quality academic preparation. The school certificate opens the doors of TOP universities.

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American high schools – education information

Secondary education received in the USA is the key to successful admission to most American universities. If we talk about studying at high schools in America, then this is a direct path to top universities. 90% of high school graduates go to the most prestigious universities in the country, including Ivy League universities.

There is no single state standard of education in the USA. The formation of the curriculum in the most general form (a list of the main disciplines, the dates of the beginning and end of the academic year) is handled by the Board of Education under the state administration. At the same time, all the specifics, such as textbooks, the volume and nature of the taught material, are determined by school employees themselves.

For the last 2 years of high school, the students have been preparing for the final SAT test, based on the results of which they are enrolled in college, and also, if desired, attend advanced study courses in some of the subjects – Advanced Placement (AP). The AP program, as a rule, corresponds to the program of the first year of study at the university, so that after admission, the university can count this course as already completed.

The best American schools – specifics of studying

The last stage of secondary education in the USA is high school. It lasts from 9th to 12th grades. Here, each student is already engaged in an individual program selected by him. Every morning, the total attendance is checked, after which the children disperse to the classes they need. High school education in the USA involves the study of a number of compulsory and several optional subjects. At the same time, teaching is conducted entirely in English. Compulsory subjects include: English, mathematics, natural sciences, history and physical education. Optional subjects are added to them, which students can choose themselves, based on what they plan to study at the university in the future. The list of available electives traditionally depends on the specific school. Among such subjects may be, for example, art, agriculture, commerce, journalism, foreign languages, etc. For 4 years of study in high school, a student must gain about 100 academic hours in 7-8 subjects and from 20 to 25 academic credits. Compliance with these indicators is traditionally monitored not only by the student, but also by the school itself.

Organization of educational process in schools in US

In the best schools in America, students get much more freedom in choosing classes to study. So there is a certain list of subjects that children are required to learn in order to get a certificate. They can choose all other classes on their own. In case of successful completion of additional subjects at school, the student will not have to study them at college, where he will have to pay for each course he attended. Speaking of compulsory subjects, they are set by the school board. This council develops the school curriculum, hires teachers and determines the necessary funding. In addition, many well-known universities put forward their own requirements for subjects that each applicant is obliged to study. There is no fixed start date for the school year in American schools. The start is at the end of August – beginning of September, and the study ends in May-June, respectively. Winter break, the longest, lasts 2-3 weeks — it captures the Catholic Christmas and New Year. Spring break is timed to Easter and lasts about a week in March or April. The academic year in different schools is divided into 2 semesters, 3 trimesters or 4 quarters. Each segment ends with intermediate tests. All schools in the USA study 5 days a week: from Monday to Friday.

Schools in US fees for foreign students

When searching for a suitable educational institution for secondary education, the question also arises about the cost of studying in the United States. A year in an American private school costs on average from 25 to 50 thousand dollars. The best teachers work in such schools, and the infrastructure offers everything for studying and development — from the latest technology to sports fields, laboratories and art studios. In addition to serious academic education, pupils of schools in the USA are engaged in sports and creativity, devote a lot of time to volunteer projects, educational and entertainment trips are organized for them. In any residence, a whole team of mentors looks after the children, ensuring comfort and safety.

Enrolment requirements for the international students in international schools in US

Every American school has its own requirements for applicants. Regardless of them, you need to have translations of documents on academic performance, a certain level of English. High school students sometimes take exams in specialized subjects, younger children are interviewed. As a rule, all tests are organized remotely. After them, you need to get a student visa. Preparation for admission to a school in the USA lasts at least a year. The process includes the selection of a boarding house, the collection and submission of documents, language level improvement, sight-seeing, preparation for departure. Often such a school is a step before entering an American university, and it is better not to delay this stage until high school. It is good if the child has time to get used to the new education system, improve the language and academic knowledge, and then fully prepare for university. To do this, you should start studying in an American school at the age of 12-13.

TOP schools in US – ranking for international students

  • North Broward Preparatory School

  • Phillips Academy Andover

  • The Storm King School New York

  • Red Bank Catholic High School

  • Windermere Preparatory School

  • Shattuck St Mary's School

  • Cheshire Academy

  • Cate School

  • Ross School

  • Deerfield Academy.

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