The Best Place to Bet Online in 2022 | BetZillion

The Best Place to Bet Online in 2022 | BetZillion

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Looking for the best place to bet online? Look what we have for you today—a complete guide on sports betting along with the best betting sites.

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Photo: Christin Hume, unsplash

To be blunt, gambling has always been an entertaining activity for the human race. History takes us thousands of years, even before the birth of Christ, to show us the roots of betting if you feel the temptation to bet a few quid here and there. 

You'd be glad to know that it's possible to bet online just like everything else. The question is, where can you place bets in the modern-day? We have the best place to bet online, ready to go for you. 

Throughout this guide, we will take through the basics of betting, particularly sports gambling and how you can incorporate it into your daily life without compromising anything.

What Is Sports Betting?

It's exactly what it sounds like. You bet on sports. Now, there are thousands of sports all over the world. What do you wager on? How do you decide which bets are better than the others?

That's where companies like BetZillion come to play. It's an affiliate network that works with the best bookmakers in the UK as well as the rest of the world to give the exact information you need. 

Football, cricket, tennis, basketball, baseball, handball, ice hockey, MMA, etc., are just some of the sports you'll commonly find at online bookmakers. Only a handful are suitable for betting among the thousands of sports worldwide. Well, to be more precise, more user-friendly for wagering. 

If you're not sure what a bookmaker is, it's simply the platform that lets you place the bet and handles all the processing. You can't expect to walk into the stadium where a match is held and place the bet. Who are you going to contact?

Sports Betting Odds

If you've researched previously what sports betting is, you may have read about the sports odds. Traditionally, odds imply the probability of an event. If we say the odds of rain today are high, there's a strong probability of rain. 

How Did We Know That?

By looking at the sky. And maybe from the weather forecast. But the weather office is also using some parameters to come up with the forecast. 

Similarly, online bookmakers or sportsbooks offer odds on a sports event. Just like the weather office or you looking at the sky, the bookmakers follow a systematic approach to project the odds. It implies the probability of the event and your potential winnings. 

The fractional odds format is the most widely used in the UK. It's simply a ratio of your winnings and stake. If you have 5/1 odds on one team in a football match, it means if you stake £1 on that team and your prediction wins, you'll get a £5 profit. So, against your £1 stake, you'll receive a £6 payout. 

In the same match, if the other team has odds of 11/1, it means you can win £11 in profits against your £1 stake. If you notice, you're getting more than double in return for the same amount of stake in the same match. 

What Does That Tell You?

It's simply that the first team is the favourite. It means more people believe this is the team to win. So, the bookmakers are offering less in return because the risks are lower. However, you're risking more for the opponent by going against the tide. So, if you win, you get a larger payout. 

By now, it should be clear how sports betting odds can imply both your winnings and the likelihood of the event at the same time. 

Things to Look out for When Betting Online 

If you're betting by choosing a bookmaker from BetZillion as our recommendation, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you want to go solo in your iGaming adventures and find bookmakers on your own, below are things you must look out for. 

If you're not aware yet, any gambling facility, whether online or offline, requires a license to operate. Without a license, it's illegal in the UK and worldwide. Due to the nature of the iGaming industry, there are plenty of unlicensed operators. And their target is the punters who are not aware of the risks. 

Speaking of risks, you never know how transparent the operations of the betting company are without a license. You don't understand how fairly they've calculated the odds. So, always look for a valid license before anything else.

If you're wondering where you can find the licensing information, it should be clearly labelled in the footer section or on the T&C page. If you can find the account number for UKGC, you can then verify the license. 

Whatever sportsbook you choose, go over its online reputation before a real money deposit. You can read user reviews from trusted platforms such TrustPilot to see what the users are saying about the brand. 

You can also go to various corporate affiliate websites where users can lodge complaints. Going over many resources will give you the true picture of an online bookmaker compared to a glorified review. 

For any "online" service, you will need an online payment method. Doesn't it make more sense to sign up for a bookmaker that offers payment methods you already have? As opposed to methods you need to sign up for? 

So, evaluate what type of payment methods you already have access to. If you have a debit card or an E-wallet, you should be good to go, as most betting sites offer them. But if you're looking forward to using crypto, it's better to evaluate your decisions earlier. 

Another essential aspect, and lots of rookie punters skip on it. You can't expect a good experience from a bookmaker that doesn't offer good customer support. It's all about how dedicated the team is to helping the punters out. 

You can check the live chat or the telephone channel by asking them questions. If you get answers directly from the agents, the customer support is impeccable. But if you have to go through multiple email threads to get a response, it's probably not a good idea to bet on that platform. 

Tips before We Part Ways

You should have a precise idea of sports betting and where you wager with utmost safety. Before we wrap things up, here are a few tips to get you started. 

  • Try to implement betting strategies to manage your bankroll better. 

  • Never spend more than you can lose. Remember, sports betting is still an activity based on luck, so there's no guarantee you'll get anything back. 

  • Try to focus on one sport at a time for the best results. Because when you focus your attention on one sport, you can learn more about it and make more accurate assumptions before the matches. 

  • Compare the odds at multiple bookmakers before placing a bet. It will give you a better idea of how likely an event is.

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