The Best PC Cleaner On The Internet

The Best PC Cleaner On The Internet

From Mathew Philip

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Computers are an everyday part of everyone in the world. You need a computer to do many things, starting from basic data feeding to advanced technological advancements. And as these things have become so important to us, we require them to be cleaned now and then. By cleaning computers, I don’t mean dusting and washing your computer; there is even more important cleaning required to run your computer smoothly. I mean internal cleaning with the help of pc cleaner software and tools.


What is a PC cleaner?

Some junk files and caches form up on your computer over time while you are using it. A pc cleaner simply removes all those files. They even perform a series of tasks for you because if you do it manually, it will take a lot of time and energy. Those tasks are:

  • Clearing caches from different programs
  • You can limit your RAM processes to speed up your PC.
  • Removing all the corrupted files
  • Finding and removing all the duplicate or temporary files
  • Locating and removing malware

All those are required for maximum efficiency, and some maintenance tasks take more time and effect than others. It is advised to not to go with any type of Pc Cleaner that may cause any type of harm to your system.


The top three PC cleaners

There are a lot of PC cleaners on the internet. Some are free, some are paid. Naturally, paid software is more effective because free software is limited to performing certain tasks to provide a better cleaning; however, this is not always the case. Here are the top 3 best pc cleaners. Some are paid and some are free, which can give you the best cleaning and make your computer faster.


  • CCleaner: this is one of the oldest and one of the most trusted free PC cleaners available to you on the internet. You can run this software on Windows for better speed and extra space. This is managed to be cleaner and make extra space better than other software, and we always like to have control over what is deleted and what is not. The user interface is a little outdated, so some of you may find it difficult to learn how to use it, but once you know the process, the cleaning is done faster and it can be done automatically and also be scheduled.


  • IOBit Advance SystemCare comes with a stylish interface and carries a wide range of tools. This tool is largely used by professionals because of its solid performance. Because of the modern interface, it is comparatively easy to use by new users. The only problem with this tool is that the selection of files to delete is limited. This tool has more control than CCleaner over which junk files are to be deleted.  There are several more PC cleaners on the internet and most of them are paid for. You can also upgrade your free PC cleaner by buying the paid version for more advanced cleaning.


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