The Best Coding Language to Learn

The Best Coding Language to Learn

From Shareya Cristina

Which coding language is best suited for you? Java, Swift, Python, C#, or C++? Get your answer in this definitive guide for 2024.

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“Which is the best programming language for me?” “How can I start programming today?” “Is programming too difficult?” These are some of the questions many people ask from time to time. Truth be told, coding/programming can be quite complicated. This is why you must start with the basics. Then, gradually, you build on the basics to become a guru. It’s just like any other skill. 

With that said, there is no wrong or right path/way/structured guide that will teach you the art of coding. It all comes down to what you want to achieve when writing your code. There are many programming languages you can learn. For instance, the language used to develop Casino ICE isn't the same that you’ll encounter when using your Twitter or Facebook mobile app. So, in this guide, we are going to look at different languages depending on what you want to achieve as a coder. 

What Is Your Programming Purpose? 

To choose the coding language that will be right up your street, first of all, you need to decide what sphere you will apply this knowledge to. We’ve prepared a short list of spheres in which the programming is widely popular to help you understand what to choose from. Let’s dive into it: 

  • To build websites. If your main goal is to learn to code to build websites, there’s no better language to start with than JavaScript, abbreviated as JS. To build a fully functional website, you might have to learn and understand other technologies, such as CSS and HTML. However, from the programming side of things, you must start with JavaScript. JavaScript is the scripting language of the internet. It is responsible for the cool things and features that you see on modern websites. This language comes with plenty of interesting quirks others don’t have, but it is the right language to learn the basics. 

  • Use in AI models. Not many people know this, but Artificial Intelligence has been with us for over a few decades now. When the first computers were introduced, that was the advent of AI, although in the most rudimentary format. So, if you are only catching up right now and trying to get in the boom cycle of ChatGPT and AI, then Python is the language you should be considering learning. Why Python? Because it’s usually considered one of the easiest languages you can learn as it lacks a lot of syntax that would otherwise scare away beginners. Moreover, Python has many easy-to-use libraries, such as NumPy (codes that others have written and which you can borrow from).

  • Write scripts to be used in automation. Python wins again…at least most of the time. There are plenty of other scripting languages, like Bash, but most of the time, it depends on the operating system that your computer and the machine are using. Python can easily be used as the scripting language to automate tasks such as clicking buttons on a website’s page, deleting certain files, and aggregating information. Scripts and automation have become quite popular as they save a lot of time and manual labor. 

  • Develop video games. If your goal or dream is to become the next big thing in the video game development industry, there are a few languages you can learn, depending on the engine you want to major in. Usually, many programmers have used either C++ or C# to develop games. If you want to build Unreal Engine, you’ll have to use C#. Unity, on the other hand, uses C++. 

  • Build iOS and Mac apps. If you want to limit yourself to building MacOS and iOS apps, then you’ll have to learn their special Swift programming language. Yes, the MacOS and iOS have their own ‘special’ programming language. Apple is notorious for having their own ‘ecosystem,’ and it doesn’t come as a surprise they have their own programming language. If you are keen enough, you’ll see Swift borrows a lot from Objective C, a classic programming language used in Apple Products, although it’s obsolete. 

  • Build Android apps. Not everyone aspires to be a MacOS or iOS developer. If this is you, then the best coding language to learn (according to traditionalists) will be Java. It used to be the most popular and sought-after language for developing complex apps. However, we are looking into the future, and technology is rapidly evolving. Therefore, the best language to learn if you want to develop Android apps is Kotlin. The language was only released in 2018, so if you take up it today, you’ll be among the most sought-after programmers soon.

There are many other languages than what I have listed on this page. I’ve only prioritized languages that find many uses in the world that we live in today. If you are still unsure of the path to follow on your journey to coding, it’s highly recommended you start with Python as you try to figure yourself out. The language is not only easy to learn, but it finds so many uses in the technological world. 

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