The Best BBQ Ribs Without Using A Smoker Project

The Best BBQ Ribs Without Using A Smoker Project

From Aguilar Abram

Making great homemade bbq ribs shouldn't be limited to the smokehouse homies. While a smoker really makes for a perfect rack of ribs, we can get a product that is nearly as good in its own way using this method. And o...

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I have to disagree with this just a tiny bit. If the meat is literally falling off of the bones, then just pull out the bones and throw the meat on a bun. A properly cooked rib will still have a little pull to it. The meat doesn't fall off, but will come off fairly easily when you bite and pull. You shouldn't have to wear a poncho so you don't get meat and sauce all over your clothes from the meat falling off of the bones all willy.nilly.

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