The Benefits of a Self-Service Portal for Your Business

The Benefits of a Self-Service Portal for Your Business

From Faisal Khan

Technology has experienced a drastic change over the past few decades. Nowadays, people have access to an internet connection and are very well familiar with online searching.

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 With these advancements in technology, businesses have to stay in the trend without falling behind as not being able to deliver services with additional features may upset their customers and bring substantial loss to the company with decreased revenue. 

Self-service is one such trend that has become non-negotiable for any business in present times. It is observed that businesses with self-service portals in their e-commerce websites have noticed an improvement in their customer experience (CX). 

What is a self-service portal? 

A self-service portal is a website where customers or even employees can visit and get accurate solutions to several queries. Self-service portals provide solutions with the help of a knowledge management system and AI chatbots. A customer when faced with any issue regarding the product or service of the company can visit these portals and get their answers without needing the help of any other person. 

Why is having a self-service portal important to your business? 

Self-service portals allow users to search and find solutions easily. Backed with a knowledge management system, customers can get their solutions quickly and only with a few clicks. 

These days, customers expect to get their queries resolved without having to interact with any customer service agents. Customers want solutions to their queries to be exact and faster rather than waiting long in the queue. To fulfill these needs of the customers, the business must implement a self-service portal on their e-commerce websites. 

Benefits of a self-service portal 

Implementing a self-service portal is essential for your e-commerce website as discussed above. Now. let us dive into each of the key benefits of implementing a self-service portal for your business: 

Customers waiting in the queue for long, then having to stay on hold on call while the customer service agents gather information to provide them with the most relevant solution might take up a lot of time, and as a result, might deteriorate the customer experience. 

To maintain an exceptional customer experience, a knowledge management system should be implemented. With the help of it in self-service portals, customers can quickly look for their queries and easily find the most relevant solution in seconds. Thus, it saves time and improves customer experience. 

Work efficiency of the customer service agents is one of the major aspects of business growth. But, when many customers keep on asking questions that are the same common and repetitive ones to the customer service agents, their work efficiency decreases. 

A self-service portal can be of great help here, whenever the customers have any queries. It leaves customer service agents with those customer queries that are complex and require their assistance. This also saves their time and increases their work efficiency and directly imply a better call center quality and an improved customer experience (CX). 

Customer experience or CX has become the new benchmark for companies. Maintaining an exceptional customer experience is now the key priority for any business. Several challenges are faced while trying to maintain great CX. implementing a self-service portal helps the company in overcoming these challenges. 

Whenever having any query, customers can search for the solution with ease on these self-service portals and resolve their queries themselves. Not needing anyone and solving their queries gives the customers a feeling of empowerment and thus helps in maintaining a great CX. 

With AI chatbots, decision trees, FAQs and picture guides, customers will only have to answer certain yes or no questions and will get their solutions. 

Often the customer queries are common questions such as “What are your opening hours?”, “What days are you open?”, etc., and these heavily affect the increase in ticket counts. One can prevent this by implementing self-service portals. 

Customers can easily search queries through the self-service portals and customers can find their solutions, thus, no need to raise tickets. Tickets will be raised only when the assistance of a customer service agent would be required. Thus, there would be a significant reduction in ticket counts. 

Customers might face issues at any time, thus, making it a necessity to provide a 24*7 self-service which can be quite a challenge for the business. Implementing a self-service portal also helps in overcoming this challenge. 

Whenever the customers face any issue, no matter what time of the day it is, they can get customer support through these self-service portals that are available 24*7. 

Customer service agents can only handle two to three conversations at a time. Virtual assistants can handle several conversations simultaneously and in the customer’s preferred language. It also delivers the solutions to the customers instantly. 

Usually, it takes more time to solve queries over the call, and solving one query at a time takes up a lot of time for the customers and the customer service agents. Hence, a lot of this time can be saved through self-service portals. 


By pointers made above, we know that a self-service portal has become one of the top necessities for any business’s growth. With the assistance of a knowledge management system, it helps in maintaining an exceptional customer experience, which results in better customer retainment and increased revenue for the company. A happy customer implies notable growth for the business. 

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