The Atta indigenous people of the Philippines need help.

The Atta indigenous people of the Philippines need help.

From Lee Rice

The Atta indigenous people of Cagayan are one of the many ethnic groups living in the Philippines. Largely unknown in the public sphere, they have very rich dance and musical tradition which includes the playing of fl...

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These cultural facets, which serve as foundations for their ethnic identity as well as the Filipino national identity as a whole, are in danger of being lost forever.

A rare and unique musical instrument that eroded with age

The ancient gassas of the Atta from the town of Santo Nino, are now on the verge of disintegration due to rust and age. In some communities in the towns of Sanchez Mira and Gattaran, the Atta have already lost their gongs.

The knowledge and technology for forging the gongs in their localities were already forgotten throughout history -- a tradition that still survives among the people of the Cordillera region.

The Atta people are generally below the middle class in terms of financial capability

The Atta, in actuality, is one of the many marginalized ethnic groups across the Philippines, often lacking support in terms of cultural promotion and provision of social services, like face masks for example, during the current COVID-19 pandemic

As such, they also have no financial means to procure new brass gongs. One brass gong may cost from 8,000 to 10,000 pesos (around 170 to around 210 USD). This crowdfunding project intends to procure nine gongs. - three gongs each for three communities (Santo Nino, Sanchez-Mira, and Gattaran)

Any remaining funds will be used to procure more face masks and school supplies and materials for the Atta children. Donations may be deposited or transferred to Landbank of the Philippines savings account 0717 0506 57 under JAN KARL C COBALLES.

Questions or clarifications may be sent to

Help us to support the Atta's to protect the cultural diversity of the Philippines

Saving the culture of the Atta people will not only strengthen their ethnic identity, thereby providing them a source of pride and well-being for future generations, it will also help protect the Philippines' cultural diversity and richness.

Moreover, putting the spotlight on the Atta people using this fundraising platform may encourage other parties to help the marginalized indigenous people in their respective communities in a similar way.

Hopefully, this donation drive would also get the attention of the government, so that officials in concerned agencies may evaluate their views and policies concerning indigenous peoples.

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