Project Support: David Boorboor

Project Support: David Boorboor

From David Boorboor

Hello, I am a Military Veteran who is raising money to attend The Spero Clinic so that I may reclaim my life from CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and experience pain free living once again.

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6 months ago

Thank you everyone for your help. I am hopeful that there will be light at the end of this dark Tunnel. It will be because of all of you that I will be able to get this treatment. Thank you again. With love,
David Boorboor

More Info

  My name is David Boorboor. I'm 46 years old, a Military Veteran  and Filmmaker who is currently afflicted with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). 

  I served in the United States Marine Corps (1991-1993). While serving in the Marine Corp I suffered an injury to both of my feet which ultimately led to my honorable discharge. Over time that injury has much improved. 

After I left the Marine Corp I pursued my deep passion for story telling and obtained my degree in filmmaking from Rowan University. I went on to make documentaries focusing on subjects about poverty, homelessness, drug prevention and educational films. I love telling stories about the human experience and over the years went on to write multiple scripts.While traveling around the country I met  and talked with anyone I could to enhance someone's day, while expanding my own life experiences. One of my fondest and impactful memories was a trip I took driving all of the famous Route 66 with a good friend. 

  In 2015 my first feature film, A Place in Hell received a worldwide distribution deal and released in the United States in 2018, It was during this time, in 2016 that I began to suffer extreme pain in my lower back. The pain was unbearable. As the months passed, the pain started to spread into my legs. My old military injury in both my feet returned with a vengeance. After seeing several doctors I was diagnosed with CRPS Type I aka The Suicide Disease. Since my initial diagnosis the disease has spread full body and my life has come to a full stop,


I suffer from complications caused by CRPS. The pain is so severe throughout my body on a daily basis I have equilibrium and cognitive function issues. I 'm embarrassed to say, even going to the bathroom is a painful experience. My stomach suffers severe pain, burning and digestive issues. When I eat it feels like I am being stabbed with a red hot burning knife in my stomach. If I can eat, it is usually followed by nausea. I have also incurred muscle atrophy throughout my whole body as well as range of motion issues. Because of this I have lost 50lbs, most of it being my muscle mass. 

I went from an active member of society to being reduced to laying in bed 95% of the day, and I struggle to walk without falling. Simple daily tasks such as cooking, reading, writing or bathing are so painful that I loath having to do them. Every basic function of ones daily life is a struggle for me.


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a neuropathic pain disorder that is characterized by: 

1) Severe pain beyond the area of injury

2) Autonomic dysregulation

3) Neuropathic edema

4) A movement disorder, atrophy and dystrophy. 

It is most often caused by a fracture, soft-tissue injury or surgical procedure and is divided into Type I, in which no nerve lesion is identified (classic reflex sympathetic dystrophy), and Type II where a specific nerve has been damaged (causalgia). In addition to the peripheral manifestations, there are many internal medical complications whose etiology is often not appreciated.

For more information on CPRS please click here or copy and paste the URL link in your browser.


I am seeking to raise $50K so that I can attend The Spero Clinic, formerly known as The Neurological Relief Center. My current condition necessitates that I have a care taker travel with me for the trip. Expenses will cover the costs of the following

1. Round trip airfare for 2 people

2. The fees for 12 weeks at the Neurological Relief Center 

3. Meals 

4. Caretaker fees

5. Lodging fees 

6. Transportation to/from the Relief Center (and to/from airport)

7. Laundry

The Spero Clinic of Northwest Arkansas offers powerful therapies for people who suffer from chronic pain disorders that may be neurologic in nature. Our proven therapies have resulted in relief of pain, distress and dysfunction for thousands of patients who suffer from disorders such as:

The Spero Clinic has been able to give a great many of our patients a better quality of life and health by employing exciting techniques that can reduce or eliminate the pain and other troubling symptoms they experience. Our therapies do not involve surgical procedures or medications, yet they often yield incredible outcomes – greatly diminishing the acuteness of the pain and discomfort patients are subjected to in carrying out daily activities. Our pain-relief therapies have a well-documented track record of success and are based on scientific observation and study. Our two main therapeutic approaches are:

  • Meningeal Decompression – Relief of compression of the meninges (the three-membrane protective covering of the spinal cord and brain), which may cause the symptoms expressed in many neurologic disorders.
  • Quantum Neurology – A patented system of neurological rehabilitation.

To learn more about these conditions and our therapeutic treatments, please read more on our CONDITIONS and TREATMENTS web pages or contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 479.304.8202 or visit

Please help me by contributing to my campaign and spread the word if possible. Help me to get the treatment to have a chance at living a normal life again. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about my campaign!

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David Boorboor posted a new update:
6 months ago

Update #1

Thank you everyone for your help. I am hopeful that there will be light at the end of this dark Tunnel. It will be because of all of you that I will be able to get this treatment. Thank you again. With love,
David Boorboor

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4 months ago

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