terrorism victim mom and daughter

terrorism victim mom and daughter

From Favour Chi

i am raising money for terror victim(s) By name is Issa Amina Evelyn a once science teacher,with two daughter of 8 yrs. old 13 and a son 10yrs. lost hushand and son to terrorist.seeks finacial help,job,consolation

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My name is Issa favour chi am  a science teacher by profession . i have  two daughter of 8 yrs. old  13 and a son 10yrs.

Living in madagali  adamawa state northern Nigeria was fulfilling having seen through the reorientation benefits  of education to the teeming community.

In 2015 security concerns of community invasion by terrorist jihad became serious I and my husband considered relocation

Few months later we returned to duties in our respective schools, we were engaged in voluntary ,educational ,health and humanitarian works across the our district .as jihad activities were increasing and Christian communities were more risk prone

My misery started on June 24 2017, after receiving threat that my husband was instrumental to  enrollment of children and indigenes who were  forbidden to enroll in western education and schools, in violation of direction from the sect and that I was just at mercy per say, that anytime from then we were liable to get  a share of the fruitage of our disobedient

These threats were backed by actions as series of attacks overtook the district , schools and religious place became the spot

I and my  husband left our jobs and relocated eastwards while managing to keep our identity in check

Economic activities of communities being in shamble, I and my husband resorted to farming, to sustain and see to change of state

On September  4 2018 the tragedy happened I lost my husband to these jihads on an unsuspecting  community invasion which grounded the community ,my son abducted  and reported dead by security  few months later.

I have my live and that of my daughter till date as gift, having faced many difficulties subsequently at rescue/internally displaced camps, serving to the best of my abilities in/with humanitarian corp.

It has been sorrowful with daily terror, molestation and hardship for me and my daughter over these years , until 16 feb 2019

Until 9pm this date my daughter was in company of a good Samaritan staff of an NGO who made a case that my daughter was abused ,molested by some security staffs at the camp, in the late afternoon ,until then it was common news among camp residence daily, luckily  this man discretely assisted our migration and relocation to  LAC Albania as he advised that irrespective of the case outcome that our stay/life in camp there is no longer guaranteed safe, as security chiefs demands close of the issue

Its been 3 months at LAC Albania now please assist a mother ,sister , daughter  to provide{food ,shelter or any material assistance, or even job, or otherwise}

Please help me start up a life  please.  I will accept  any assistance with thanks and appreciation

Paypal :okerekepaul597@gmail

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