Support for the nurses and care personell

Support for the nurses and care personell

From Lai Ne

Emergency funds for medical expenses & food for the social care workers on low wages.

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I'm raising money for emergency funds for workers in our local social care center.

The workers are overworked and underpaid, but they keep in doing the work in hopes that the salary will increase, but it hasnt happennedbin the last 5 years.

A few days ago I set up a campaign, because I had the second most painful toothache Ive had in my life, and I couldnt do anything about it, as everything recieved a few days ago had went straight to paying bills.

At work I talked with colleagues,such as nurses, janitors, rehabilitation workers, maintenance personell and everyone at some point has had a similar situation of beeing left in pain due to the tiny salary, and trust me-we don't have US prices for dentistry. A tooth filling ranges from 25-60€ here. Many told how they even aren't able to afford food for most of the month, and there are no food banks locally.

It's terrifying that this is happenning in a government run care facility in the European Union.

Yes, of course they could all just pack up and leave to better paid places, but who will look after our old and sick in that case.

I'm really hoping that we could have an emergency fund so that noone would have to be left without medical help when needed and going to work hungry.

This month we have:

4 workers who would be grateful for help with dental expenses(total a bit under 400€)

29 who would be grateful for food available at workplace. (Looking through the bulk buying shops it would amount to 2-7€ a day for a couple of basic meals a day)

Feel free to message me for more details, as I can't publicly tell the name of the facility as it goes against our work agreement where it's not allowed to talk down of the institution.

Have a blessed day

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