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A brand new online marketplace and digital talent hub connecting users with freelancers around the world with vetted creatives

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TercerizaTodo.com (www.outsourceitall.com) Sales pitch

High-quality digital content is critical to the success of modern businesses, yet many struggle to find good talent.

Right now, there are over a hundred million freelancers worldwide that can fill this gap, and give entrepreneurs and startups the freedom and flexibility to get their content creation handled on an as-needed basis.

But how do we bring them together? Where can businesses go to hire top creatives on-demand, and freelancers go to find well-paid work?

The answer is Tercerizatodo.

Tercerizatodo.com is a brand new online marketplace and digital talent hub connecting freelancers with users around the world with vetted creatives.

From writers, designers, and marketers to audio-visual experts, everything you need to grow your brand and increase reach and revenue is right here.

Choose from thousands of available offers, or post your project brief and watch the pitches roll in. Businesses pay as they go, and freelancers get deposits directly to their PayPal or via wire transfer.

They’ll also be able to expand their portfolios and display their contribution to some of the world’s fastest-growing brands.

Founder Juan Carlos Vela, marketing director Gayan Sanjeewa, and a team of full-time staff are working around the clock to continuously improve the underlying technology and customer support.

We aim to do what similar platforms are doing, but better – protecting the interests of businesses and freelancers at every step.

Unlike most competitors who require a commission of 20% or higher to facilitate transactions, Tercerizatodo only collects 15% and there is no fee for the users. We also place huge value on user ratings and milestones to build trust and authority.

The freelance marketplace is a multibillion-dollar industry and its returns are growing exponentially. Venture capital investment in the Latin American market alone passed a billion dollars in 2017, resulting in a huge demand for content by startups.

This market, along with small companies and entrepreneurs that do not have the budget to take on a creative full-time, and whose searches make up the over 2 million entries a month looking for freelancers on platforms like ours, is our biggest targets.

In just four months, we’ve steadily gained traction, collecting hundreds of users and projects. Our feedback Slack channel shows a passionate community ready to grow with us, and continue our mission of helping creatives find success, and giving buyers smooth, high-quality service every time. Now, all we need is you.

Tercerizatodo is looking for donors or investors to take the platform to its next level. After securing our place in the Latin American freelance market, we intend to go global, scaling up current technologies and features, including our multilingual user options.

The need for remote working and the platforms that enable this are clearer than ever. This is your chance to back a company with a solid foundation.

Let’s make Tercerizatodo the number one freelancer marketplace.

CEO: This project was intended to help freelancers in Latin America (especially those who had university degrees have struggled to find employment), to promote their services through a global marketplace and be hired by users in developed countries who want to outsource their work and can afford to hire and pay for those services, in a convenient, safe and unrelated way other than the specific task.

Now, given the circumstances (Covid19) there are millions of people worldwide who will be unemployed and the most affected regions will undoubtedly be Latin American countries, Spain, Italy and others were the measures taken in many cases weren't correct nor timely

In order to promote our services and assist all freelancers and users in an effective way, substantial investment in expansion and marketing is required, which is what we are trying to achieve with the crowdfunding campaigns.

For this we have created loyalty and partnership programs that will serve to sustain and promote the growth of our users and freelancers database: all of which is added a continuous development plan based on processes of innovation and technological development.

For more information, you can visit our social network pages and CEO LinkedIn information at:

Business www.linkedin.com/in/terceriza-todo-923b16196

CEO https://www.linkedin.com/in/juan-carlos-v-b3a0903

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TercerizaTodocom-367574783876835/?view_public_for=367574783876835

Insta: outsourceitall.com

Insta: TercerizaTodo





www.tercerizatodo.com (lating America) / www.outsourceitall.com (Global)

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