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Technology with Health

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Technology has made our life completely changed. With the development of technology we are spending luxurious life but few of us are not enjoying the life as well. They have lots of deficiencies so we should help them.

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Currently Apple Watch is not compatible with Android. Both tech giants Google and Apple quickly entered the growing smart watch market, but they used different methods. Apple decided to create smart watches with its own operating system, as a result Apple Watch and WatchOS appeared. The company went the same way as with the release of its smartphone.Apple Watch with AndroidOn the other hand, Google has decided that the Android platform has proven itself in smartphones, and creating a similar platform for smart watches would be the best option. Thus, Google has created an Android Wear system for wearable devices. However, according to reports, the company plans to create its own Nexus platform for smart watches.It seems the confrontation between Android and iOS in smartphones has spread to smartwatches. It is impossible for Apple to develop smart watches compatible with Google, its main competitor. Even in the future there is very little chance of the appearance of Android compatible Apple Watch.The only consolation is the compatibility of Android Wear with iOS. In the second generation of Android Wear, Googl e decided to create Android Wear compatibility with the iPhone. This means that you have the opportunity to use popular and advanced Android Wear smart watches, such as the LG Watch Urbane and Moto 360 2 in conjunction with the iPhone. But you cannot use the Apple Watch with an Android-based smartphone. So for Apple Watch users, there is no good news yet. Apple Watch is not compatible with Android WHAT IS THE REASON FOR SUCH "HOSTILITY"?In general, Google has a much greater desire to make their products compatible with Apple than Apple itself. The Apple system remains closed for a long time, with great difficulty opening access to someone. The exceptions are iTunes for Windows and Apple Music for Android.At present, it is simply impossible to imagine that Apple will create smart watches compatible with Android or Android Wear. Even the second generation Apple Watch, which is scheduled for release on September 7th, most likely will not be able to bridge this gap.Why is Apple so adamant about Android? There are several possible reasons for this.1. Requires a large amount of workCreating Android compatible Apple Watch is not easy. Apple is much more interested in having two versions of Apple Watch, one running on iOS, and the other on Android.The main applications for Apple Watch also play a big role in this matter, due to the fact that they were developed by Apple for their own devices. These applications include Apple Music, Apple Health and Apple Play.All of these applications are designed to operate exclusively on Apple systems and no others. Making the Apple Watch, in the form in which they are, to work in conjunction with Android, is a meaningless step, because all Apple applications do not work under Android.Until Apple decides to start building Android apps, compatibility is nothing more than fantasy.2. This may lead to loss of Apple work.Apple has extensive user experience. This is one of the reasons why the company has dominated the market for more than one year. The iPhone is easy to operate and has an intuitive user interface.In short, experience is a very important thing. Android, on the one hand, has a tendency to disorder, different models of smartphones have their own characteristics, and Android users can customize them as they like.It is fair to say that Google has made huge improvements in optimizing Android.Transforming the complexity of Android to the simplicity of Apple Watch can have unexpected consequences. Apple may lose its benefits from their user experience.3. Apple Watch promotes iPhone salesIPhone sales statistics for the last time does not look very good. The decline should be very strong, since Tim Cook is committed to creating other sources of income (Apple Car, Apple VR and of course Apple Watch). Apple Watch is the most important component on which the company's efforts are focused, to maintain a steady source of income.To use Edifice Apple Watch, you need an iPhone. Apple sees this as an opportunity to increase iPhone sales. If they reach the popularity of Apple Watch, a potential increase in iPhone sales is possible. Creating compatibility with Android devices can ruin a company's plans. Thus, the concept of compatibility is unacceptable for Apple.CONCLUSIONFor iPhone users, there is consolation. As we mentioned at the beginning, Android Wear is currently compatible with the iPhone, but for now this system needs some improvements by agency.Car Zaamin says that if you can't part with your Apple Watch, you will never be separated from your iPhone.

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