Help Needed to Spay/Neuter 6 Community Cats

Help Needed to Spay/Neuter 6 Community Cats

From Celena Hayes

I am raising money to fund the spay/neuter surgery for 6 community cats. The cost for a spay, rabies shot, and ear tipping is $25 per cat.

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Recently, a close friend, mentor, and fellow cat lover got into trouble and was arrested.  He was detained and unable to care for his cats and physically unable to find them new homes.  He had 13 adult cats. Almost half of the adult cats were already fixed.  But not all of them.   Four were pregnant at the time.  The cat colony needed a new home and a safe place to live.  They are his family.   My friend was very good to his cats and even his neighborhoods would say that his cats always had food.  Even if he didn't  eat they did.  

Without a caretaker these cats and kittens would have become a nuisance to the neighborhood. They would be hungry, thirsty, and scared.   Regardless, they would still be multiplying.  

I volunteered to do what I could to catch the cats and kittens and relocate them to a safe place. Why? Because, it was the right thing to do.  It was the right thing to do for my friend, for the neighborhood, for the landlord, and for the cats.  

With the support and help of my family and my friend's neighbors and landlord I was able to successfully relocate 9 of 13 adults and 7 neonatal kittens.  Most of the cats would not let anyone come close to them.  The kittens required bottle feeding which was demanding both physically and financially.  It was a busy spring but they are all weaned, finally, and doing great.  In the end, the relocation f these cats resulted in the addition of 6 adult cats and 7 neonatal kittens to my home to join my existing large family of cats. Thank you to my family for helping build an enclosure for the new cat colony.  They have a place to call their very own here. They are safe and they are loved.  They will be here as long as it takes for my friend to get to a place where he can arrange to get them back.

To add to the story we  have had 2 stray cats roaming our neighborhood.  This resulted in another litter of 3 kittens in our neighborhood.  

My goal is to spay/neuter all the neighborhood cats that haven't been fixed to prevent additional kittens this summer.  The fighting and yowling has become a bit nerve racking and the Tom Cat's are looking pretty scruffy from fighting over these beautiful lady cats. 

Please help if you can.  Even a small donation is appreciation.  It all adds up in the end.  $25 each is all I need to help these cats live a happier life without constant fighting and mating.  They are great natural pest controllers and peaceful and happy when spayed/neutered.  Cat's really are beautiful majestic creatures if you give them a chance to show you what they are all about.

In June I made several attempts to take the cats to be fixed but unfortunately the financial obligation is not something I've been able to do. In July,  6 adult cats need to get fixed which will be 3 males and 3 females.  All 3 females have already had multiple litters of kittens each this year.  We don't need another round of kittens.  There are a total of now 13 new kittens on the block already.   The plan is for the kittens to go for their surgery in a couple months.  But for now, there is an immediate need to raise funds to cover the cost of spay/neuter surgery Please help  these first 6 with a small donation or a big one.  I'll take it graciously regardless of the amount.

The $25 includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccinations, and ear tipping. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for your support.  I'll keep you updated on how they are recovering after surgery.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please make a donation if you can.

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