Tara's Medical Debt

Tara's Medical Debt

From Tara Hodgson

Tara's mounting medical bills, medications, and other medical costs

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Dear friends,

I am drowning in medical bills. The decision to start this fundly campaign is made out of desperation, and with a lot of guilt attached. Many of you know that I suffer from a host of autoimmune, rheumatological, mental health, and endocrinological issues. Many of you also know how much I’ve been struggling to keep everything afloat in terms of my medical bills.

The past two years have been rough. I’ve dealt with personal and economic losses that are very hard for me to cope with. And the medical bills and doctors’ visits don’t stop. I do have Medicaid, but the costs for my doctors’ visits and medications are astronomical regardless. Medications routinely cost $80 or more, and at this point, I am simply out of mental and physical energy to battle customer service representatives and aid lines to help me or lower the costs. I have had to stop medications that only exist in non-generic form, and thus were $250 or more. I am at a low point where I’m asking for your charity with humility and hopelessness.

I’ve been putting most of the enormous costs on my credit card, but I am racking up a debt that scares me. Your donation will go to:

-          Paying off existing medical bills

-          Medications

-          Preventative care such as chiropractic help

-          Continued costly medical care

I have been working for the past year, but the jobs I can take so far are contract jobs with no benefits. Worse, my quality of life suffers from the stress of constant costs that I simply can’t pay, which makes being steadily employed a serious issue. Ironically, I can’t get better and financially stable until I can get my head above the drowning debt. The constant stress of these invoices is exacerbating many of my medical issues, including my immunity, fibromyalgia, and mental health.

If you would like an itemized list of my medical bills, I can provide them. Mostly though, I can provide my deep gratitude for your gift, as you are helping me become healthy and whole. Thank you all so much for simply caring about my well-being, much less going out of your way to help me financially. I am blessed to have a support network, and will do everything in my power to pay this forward once I am on my feet.

With continued gratitude,Tara

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