Take care of Adriana

Take care of Adriana

From Tanya Fritzler

Hi Friends! I need your help. One of my closest friends, Adriana, is sick. Very sick. She has Crohn's disease and just had an ileostomy. She's been sick her whole life, diagnosed when she was only 13. She needs help.

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Hi Everyone -

I am starting a campaign to help a long time friend of mine. Her name is Adriana. We've been friends over half my life. We met as young mother's. We were both waitresses at Leona's on Elston Ave. in Chicago. Best friends from the start. She is one of the most honest, loyal, trustworthy and respectable women I have ever met.

It was a while before I knew she had Crohn's disease. She is not the the type to draw attention to herself. In fact, she isn't comfortable when people fuss over her.

She is a Mother. Of four children. Also helped raise foster kids and babysat for other young Mom's and working Mom's along the way. She has helped raise her community. Rarely has anyone known she has been sick the entire time. She was diagnosed at age 13. Never had a break. She's learned to live with this curse.  I think she has had an average of one surgery a year. She's never once asked for help. Ever. This year tho- ... well this year she struggled to live with this curse.

In addition to Covid-19, and also being a service industry employee when all this hit- her health declined rapidly in 2020. I am in tears writing this because it has been awful to watch. I think the stress of surviving alone has coupled with her disease... and almost killed her. She has had 3 surgeries this year. The last one was just a few weeks ago. She has an ileostomy. That means they sewed her butt shut and gave her a permanent bag.

Ilesotomy. That is what Adriana just had done.

It is supposed to restore her quality of life. She is a couple weeks out of surgery, and now having complications. Part of her incision is opening and she has to have yet another procedure to close it. She's in constant pain. She is a Mother- she is suffering in so many ways. ...with anxiety, fear of the unknown, not sure how she is going to get back to work like this. That is a real fear she has. When you are in the service industry and paid mostly in cash tips, your benefits from unemployment are very minimal. Not enough to support a family of 7. Her husband, God bless him, is a Manager of a restaurant and barely able to function at work because he is worried he is going to get a call that she tanked again. They need help.

I'm asking for your help.

Please help me help Adriana. This young woman has suffered her entire life with Crohn's disease, and this year it has gotten the best of her. I personally feel very grateful to of made it thru this year with my health in tact. I can't imagine what it is like for her. Both physically and mentally. I just can't imagine.

Adriana needs help from her community. I ask you come together with me and help her. I want to thank you for your empathy and compassion. I thank you for being a part of this fundraiser. Thank you for your generosity.

-with love for Adriana

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