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In 2017, The Teenage Psychic and In 2018, On Children sparked renewed interest in Taiwanese drama. However, it was during the pandemic lockdowns of the previous two years that a large number of Taiwanese-produced shows were discovered by new audiences throughout the globe. popular series including The World Between Us, Nowhere Man, The Victims' Game, Detention, Trinity Of Shadows, More Than Blue: The Series, and Light The Night have helped revive Taiwan's reputation as a major production center for Mandarin-language dramas in the last several years. Most Papular Domains on that work is Chinaq

Twisted Strings, an anthology film executive produced by The Assassin filmmaker Hou Hsiao-Hsien, will debut on March 27 on both HBO Asia and Catch play, and will be available on both platforms simultaneously. before mainland Chinese and Korean dramas took the top spot, Taiwanese dramas were the most popular in the early 2000s. With its 2001 breakout popularity, Meteor Garden marked the beginning of an era of golden idol dramas in Chinese-speaking countries and the diasporic community on mainstream television before the rise of online streaming services.

The lucrative OTT license fees give Taiwanese producers with an extra source of cash, allowing them to aspire for larger production budgets, greater production qualities, and to explore new genres for overseas viewers, while still generating plenty of school romance and youth dramas. High-concept thrillers and crime dramas, which are more appealing to a wider audience, have been more popular in recent years. An upcoming second season of Taipei-produced drama The Victims' Game is now in the works, and the company has also completed work on an adaptation of best-selling Japanese crime book Mohohan, Copycat Killer, which will be released on Netflix globally later this year. 楓林網

As a result of the success of "The Victims' Game," which was the first Chinese-language production to be renewed by dramasq, Eric Chou of Greener Grass Production and executive producer Hank Tsang arranged the arrangements for the thriller as well as Copycat Killer with Netflix. The rising Taiwanese sector, according to Chou, has one critical component. "In Taiwan, creative freedom is highly recognized," he asserts. "We don't have to filter our own thoughts. " It's not only romance and crime that may be discussed here; topics like LGBTQ+ and horror, both of which are prohibited in China, are also welcome.

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