T400 Testosterone Dosage & Cycle

T400 Testosterone Dosage & Cycle

From Ben Allen

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Ever wanted to start an anabolic steroids cycle but did not know where to start? Not a problem anymore. Today we will tell you about t400 testosterone, how it works, what it can give you, its side effects, cycles, post-cycle therapy, and much more. Fasten your seat belts, here we go!

What is T400

T400 is not a fancy name for a new tank or airplane as it may look from first sight. T400 is an old pal for different kinds of sports lovers. It is also an upgraded version of the popular anabolic substance Sustanon, which contains Test Propionate: 50mgs, Test Enanthate: 175mgs, Test Cypionate: 175mgs. And as we already know, testosterone is the main male hormone; it regulates almost all processes in the organism, as well as muscle growth, strength gain, and even libido. 

As you can already guess, T400 has almost the same benefits as simple, pure testosterone. However, it is still more powerful because t400 testosterone is already a stack. It does not mean that you will be bulking like crazy and look like a bull in the end. No, the benefit is in the other way. When one ester wears out, the other one will come to its place, making the duration of the T400 much longer. This also means that you will need fewer injections while gaining the same results, which, I think, is a pretty good thing.   

Benefits And Results 

Let's talk more about your possible gains. As we mentioned before, it has the same benefits as pure testosterone. It will suit you perfectly if you want to achieve significant results in a short time. However, your results also highly depend on your workout, diet, previous use of steroids, and even personal peculiarities. Some say you can even gain something between 5 to 10 kilos of pure muscle mass for one cycle. It is obvious, but we also need to mention it. It is crucial to check your health before and after a cycle, especially if you have any side effects. 

One of the most common benefits of t400 testosterone is increased strength and muscle mass. This is due to increased protein synthesis. You will build up mass much faster because this process will be boosted by improved recovery and endurance. Testosterone will help you repair damaged muscles and recover faster as well. You also gain increased fat loss, consequently - ripped look. Decreased body fat is the result of lean muscle gain. The more muscle mass we have, the better our metabolism works, allowing your body to burn more stored fat.   

T400 Dosage And Cycle 

You can choose between two ways. Or even three. The first is to take t400 testosterone as a normal person (something like 1 ml of the compound once a week or 400mg will be pretty much enough to feel and see the results). The second one is to be very careful and take really small dosages (pre-calculated dose of 200mg or 0,5 ml per week or even less). The third one is just not to take steroids at all. Some may suggest you take 400mg twice a week to gain more, but we recommend you cease all communication with people who offer you to abuse a compound right away. They want you dead. Because after such a cycle, you will feel like you have been driven over by a truck, even pct will not save you.  

Here we will give you a sample of possible T400 cycles, and there is nothing special about it. The duration of a cycle is 13 weeks. From the first to eighth week, you need to take 200 mg each other day or 400 mg each week of T400. From the ninth to the eleventh week, take a break. After that, start your post-cycle therapy, using Nolvadex from 20 to 40 mg each day. 

Side Effects 

I fear no side effects, but this thing scares me… We are talking about real bullies of any cycle - gynecomastia, bloating, oily skin, acne, and other stuff caused by increased estrogen levels. They are increased because your testosterone is also on the top and the process of aromatization takes place. To avoid this, you need post-cycle therapy and aromatase inhibitors and SERMs to be added to your cycle. You also need to control your cholesterol levels and blood pressure.


The T400 is a powerful weapon that is better to use solo. However, if you decide to use it along with something else for some reason, it is your choice, but you better write a will beforehand. With big power comes big responsibility and side effects, of course. Additional drugs can counter them, like SERMs and aromatase inhibitors, but nothing passes without a trial, so you will feel uncomfortable even if you did proper post-cycle therapy. So, think twice before starting a cycle and stay healthy!

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