Sweet 16, Coming Home Blues

Sweet 16, Coming Home Blues

From Gemel Archie

Im raising money to support my beautiful 16 year old daughter. She is coming home after three years and I want to be able to provide her with all the support she needs to be a happy and stable young person. Shes worth it

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My daughter Mia is sixteen years old. She is a beautiful young woman facing an unsure future. Her mother and step father are in recovery, and has been clean and sober just under a long time now. See It’s been three years since Mia has lived at home with me and her step father who she loves very much. Three years ago her stepfather and I were homeless, addicted and extremely down on our luck. We had reached a very low point in our lives and had very few options or aspirations for the future. CPS got involved and it was decided that Mia should go live with her uncle for a time while my husband and I went into treatment and tried our best to get our live in order so we could provide a better life for our selves and our daughter and...that is exactly what we did.

We both have worked very hard on our recovery and have come a long way since we were homeless and without hope for the future. We our very proud to have turned our lives around and are in no way the same people we were three years ago. Now we have both gotten stable jobs and have moved into our own place and have left our days of homelessness and dis pare behind us forever. Things have starting to look much brighter and our lives are stable and secure and our love for our daughter has never been greater. We have made life altering changes and have chosen a life free from the suffering and selfishness of addiction. We love our daughter with all our heart and it has always been our goal to reunite our family under one roof as they always should have been. However it has taken a lot longer than any of us had planned, for real recovery takes time and a commitment to change. We have met this challenge head on and have made great strides and our life has undergone a transformation that we are both profoundly proud of. All involved parties agree that the time has come for our daughter to come home. We could have not been happier with the anticipation of our daughters return after three years apart from her family. Then out of no where her uncle has completely changed in his supportive behavior and decided that he no longer wants Mia to return home at all. My husband and I were completely blindsided and heartbroken by her uncles decision to contest Mia’s return home. His behavior has been so distasteful and selfish, its been such a blow to all of us and especially my daughter. We never assumed anything but his full support when it came to my daughter returning home. But now we find ourselves at odd to what is the best thing for my daughter and the best place for her and her future. After being such an advocate to our recovery, now it seems that he never had any intention of ever allowing Mia to return to be with her mother despite Mia’s own wishes.

Her uncles selfishness and petty ness knows no bounds. Even going as far as trying to guilt her into staying with him in exchange for gifts and promises that he knows my husband and I are in no position to provide. His actions are due to no other reason than to continue receiving payments from the state to off set the cost of my daughter living under his roof. Offering Mia promises of buying her a car and setting up funds for her education, that he knows we’re still years away from being able to acquire much less offer Mia ourselves. In the beginning, we were so grateful for her uncle stepping up and taking our daughter in temporarily when we needed his help. It now leaves us heat broken that he would stoop to such lows to try and keep our family apart. It is so unfortunate and despicable that her uncle would hold such material things over Mia’s young head while trying to manipulate her emotions. All the while trying to actively prevent our family from being happily reunited. Mia wants to come home to be with her family but she is understandably conflicted by such grand promises being that she is a sixteen year old girl and having her own car and her own room and such lavish things would tempt any child in her position. She has her own job and is a fantastic student athlete and just an all around great kid. She deserves to be happy, and coming home to be with her family has been her dream from the beginning.

Now she is conflicted and distressed by the unfair pressure her uncle has put on her young shoulders. It would be one thing if her uncle was offering her these gifts as a sign of love and a token of his affection for my daughter, however his underlined agenda is to keep getting the financial support he receives by having my daughter in his home year after year. I know this because of the way he mistreats and punishes my daughter when she even brings up the possibility of her returning home to be with her family. No child should have to choose between being mistreated and bribed to stay someplace where she is not wanted and loved just for someones eases financial well being. Or being threatened to live substandard lifestyle if she returns home to her loving mother which would never be the case. We do the best we can and work hard every day. We would do anything for our daughter and her happiness.

That brings us to why we are here. We are asking for help to provide Mia with some of the luxury's we could not possibly provide her on our own. A car, and possibly a bigger place where she cold have her own room and the personal space every young person should have and maybe the possibility of help securing her educational future. We are humbled to even reach out and ask for help and would be eternally grateful for any support anyone could provide. Help us bring my little girl home to the loving arms of the family she deserves. We have waited so long and worked so hard to build a new life with the only goal to reunite our family under one roof.. Please help us find the missing pieces we need to make our puzzle complete and be the picture of true happiness.   

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