Sustain the S family

Sustain the S family

From Zarrya Simmons

To help save a life and family. Sustain and support a broken heroine to help a community.

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To anyone that is willing to hear this family’s story, we are in desperate need. Let’s start with a beautiful woman who grew up basically on her own and had to learn the hard way how to live here. She improved over time and picked up a few things to a degree that one day, she was on top of the world. All on her own, no help from aunts, uncles, not even her own mother or father. To say the truth, she was the one always helping others, from children to adults. She ended up raising 3 children to own her own until she decided to finally walk down a wedding aisle to be with a man. A dream to have a fairy-tale 50/50 partnership life. As time went on and the children grew, one went their own way, doesn’t cause trouble. Another aged out enough to keep an arm-length away to continue this small family. The finally and eldest child decided to try to live on the wild side and as a result, became a living walking husk of once formal young self. Our beautiful woman decided to make a mission to help everyone she could, and when needed in, requested help from the youngest arm-length child. She took in children to give them a happy peaceful life, when truly underneath destruction of her world was growing over. Everyone in this world has an amount to give others to help. What happens when the source of help is yanked away? A job, a close family member, a relationship, a physical ability to live like normal people. All these things and more has happened to our beautiful heroine. She has given so much to the community, family, and the world that now she is in trouble herself. She tries to get help from 1 of the children that at a young age has 2 power heavy jobs and use them to survive and covers 50% of a household that she is no longer part of. The 50/50 fairy-tale relationship was just that, now it is 95% to 5% and the odds are getting worst. The heroine spirit is so broke now to a point that darker solutions are swimming in her head. Same as the eldest child playing with the devil’s demons, she is swaying and listening to the devil’s whispers to have her join him, forever. This is blocking the arm-length child’s and God’s messages and words. This will be a long-term donation to help this strong woman in need. I would love to help and support this troubled family in every way possible. Please help rebuild this family and help a power core of a huge family. Please bless this family with peaceful.

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