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My name is Devi and I need help. I am living with my younger son. My nearest relatives are almost two-thousand miles away and I am out here totally away from everyone. I am trying to survive as a single mom and at times I feel really alone.

 I feel so scared and defeated. I see my older son every other week and it breaks my heart into million pieces. Right now we share custody and parenting time an agreement that prevents me from moving anywhere outside  the state and have to maintain my legal status. 

I have struggled financially and emotionally. But somehow with help from my family and a few good people and close friends out here I have been building myself up again by attending school to maintain my legal status. I have completed 2 semesters.  

. The last six grueling months, I feel defeated at times. I know that all I can do is pick myself up and do the very best for my kids and myself. 

The reason I am asking for help is because through all of these hardships I am facing, I need to maintain my legal status by continuing school and be with my kids. Majority of the fund will be used for my schooling,  household needs, and stay.

I have been learning lately that everyone needs help one time or another and that I cant be ashamed of the circumstances that I am in. My mom and dad have always taught me to not let the circumstances of the day effect the condition of my heart and I think about that every day and try and live it. All I want is to be a good mom, a honest hardworking person and someone that my friends and family can be proud of. Sometimes the hardships in my life can be overwhelming and I feel like they will never end but I can't let it bring me down. I want to make sure my kids have a good life and they see me being strong, good, kind, loving, gentle, forgiving and patient everything that my parents and family have taught me.

Whatever happens I'm going to work hard and the rest I will leave it up to God. I have faith that whatever his plan is for me it will be worth every hard step and every tear. Thank you so much.

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