Surgery for Amputated Leg

Surgery for Amputated Leg

From Cornel Marin

In 1995, my whole leg was amputated leg. I am raising money for the Endo-Exo Prosthesis, a revolutionary surgery designed for short limbs that would allow me to walk freely and conduct my activities like a normal person.

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When I was 25 years old (in 1995), I suffered a severe accident which left me with a whole amputated leg. Because of the fact that my life was at serious risk and my trachea was damaged by intubation (I was in a coma), amputation was urgently required. 

I was therefore left with an extremely short stump of 8 centimetres on which it is virtually impossible to wear a prosthesis. My life has been incredibly difficult ever since. There has been 23 years of endless pain which I had to endure. I have to wear a conventional and traditional prosthesis which hurts me so much and does not allow me to walk around for short distances, let alone long ones. I have a child and I am so frustrated that I cannot do much for him because I cannot move around with ease.

However, there is one specific surgery which can hugely change my life. I am trying to raise money in order to do the Endo-Exo Prosthesis. It costs 70000€ in total, and I have to do it in Germany. This would be such a blessing! It is an implant which is directly attached to the bone of my short amputated limb. This revolutionary surgery is designed for short limbs and would allow me to walk freely and conduct my activities like a normal person. No pain, no sweating, no severe restrictions. 

I would be genuinely grateful if you could all come together and help me fulfiill this dream of mine!

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