Surgery For A Sick Pup

Surgery For A Sick Pup

From Laura Bauer

Help! Our 7m old pit, Tracy has eaten something foreign. X-ray shows it is stuck in small intestine

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Help! Our 7m old pit, Tracy has eaten something foreign. X-ray shows it is stuck in small intestine. Tracy started showing symptoms of distress 2 days ago. We came back from vacation where he stayed with my mother in law on her farm. The morning after picking Tracy up, he began vomiting to the extent of a close 30x in a few short hours. What started as bile and mucus slowly turned into a color resembling blood. Tracy began to look pale and his attitude was that of a lethargic pained animal. All of the red flags promoted our first trip to the animal hospital. $1000 later he underwent blood work, fecal sample, urine test, and X-ray. All results were normal except for the X-ray which showed the foreign body. The vet told us it appeared that the object was trying to make its way out but could be lodged. Clinically Tracy appears to be near death. Doc says object could possibly be removed with an endoscope or surgery which would cost anywhere from 2k to 3k. Our family just cannot afford the bill, however we also cannot afford the heartbreak. In a short 7 months Tracy has become my child’s keeper, my boyfriends companion, and my best friend. I cannot live with myself knowing a fatal outcome could have been avoided if the money was right. I am asking in desperation for anyone who reads this to open their hearts to us and to Tracy in helping us give him the treatment he needs to survive and live out the life he deserves. I will be applying for care credit first thing in the morning but a recent home purchase along with other things tell me that a denial could be in my hand. Even with an approval we desperately need the financial help to pay it back. I am begging all of you to look at gods plan for Tracy and see that it is not his time to leave this world especially not like this. Thank you all for reading and God bless. 

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