Supporting Kim's ALS Journey

Supporting Kim's ALS Journey

From Todd Kathan

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This site was created to support Kim’s journey after being diagnosed with ALS. This journey is defined not by the disease itself but by the love and grace that has surrounded Kim during this time.

Kim's Story

Dear Friends,

As many of you are aware, Kim has been battling a health crisis since the fall of 2010.  She spent most of 2011 working through a strange set of symptoms including loss of strength in her arms and legs that profoundly affected her life and her ability to care for her young son Jack.

In October 2011, she visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where she was diagnosed with ALS – commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  It affects the motor neurons in the body which control voluntary muscles, including arms & legs, but also breathing and swallowing. The sensory nerves and the central nervous system are not affected, her eyes will always be able to move, so as the disease progresses she will be able to remain aware and will be able to communicate with the help of technology. Today, there is no known cause for ALS, and therefore no known cure or treatment. 

The normal prognosis for ALS is 2-5 years from diagnosis.  In relatively rare cases, some people experience a remission and during that time the disease does not progress.  Some people get 10 years, and Steven Hawking has had 40 years with ALS.  Kim is refusing to accept a term limit.  So, while she and our family prepare for the short term, we also believe that she has every right to believe in the long term. 

Since the diagnosis, Kim and her family have been working hard to manage the symptoms associated with ALS and seek out therapies to stem the impact of the disease.  These include a variety of medical treatments, physical therapy sessions and nutritional strategies that promote neuron health and ensure her comfort.   During the summer of 2013, Kim's condition has evolved and due to her physical condition, she's had further challenges eating and breathing.  This has resulted in the insertion of a feeding tube to ensure she gets proper nutrition and the addition of a ventalator she uses periodically througout the day to help regulate her breathing.  Her comprimised physical capabilities have required the addition of near around the clock professional care.  

The out of pocket expenses (after insurnace) to support these therapies, procedures and in home care have become onerous for Kim and her family.  We are seeking support to help defray these un-expected expenses for Kim and her family. 

Kim & her husband John, regularly share updates about their journey on their blog -

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support.


Original Fundraising Target - $75,000

On-Going Expenses (annual)- Home Health Support - $60,000- Therapies - $18,000- Nutritional Suppliments - $5,000

One-Time Expenses- Bath ADA Remodel - $15,000- Handicap Van - $19,000- Wheelchair Lift - $5,000- Communication Technology - $10,000 

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