Supporting Mashiach (Mahdi, Messiah)

Supporting Mashiach (Mahdi, Messiah)

From Chase Neill

I am raising money to support the bringing of Mashiach - everything Mashiach. Follow us at and

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Some people believe Mashiach walks into the world with all power. Perhaps it happened like that, but with much opposition as well. It is written that he suffers God's people's transgressions and counted among the transgressors, while they claim to believe he is punished by God. Yet it is them who punish him, because they forgot the core fundamental rules - to care for one another, believe in God's power, and faith in God.

Mashiach has a wild story to share. Read all of the Nevi'im and parts of the New Testament, even parts of the Quran - who would believe him when he comes to share his story and ask for their sympathy? Such it is written at the prelude to Isaiah 53 "O Lord, who has believed our report? and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?" Such is why the subsequent verses mention that Mashiach suffers the sins of the people, bearing your sins - because many haven't believed it is possible. From classified Area-51 projects to swarms of military aircraft demonstrating their presence and awareness; from COVID to worldwide natural disasters; from being poisoned yet prevailing, hearing and seeing that beyond the veil, being led to avoid catastrophes and terror strikes internationally, to God saying "Since you are dear in My eyes, you were honored and I loved you, and I give men in your stead and nations instead of your life" and sacrificing entire nations using worldwide militaries and armaments as instruments to exact and conduct Justice by judgement; from prophecies fulfilling to the horror shows and abominations referred by all of the prophets - the logic and understanding of why, how, where, and who - this is Mashiach's story. Led by God; saved by God; chosen & anointed by God...

This fundraiser is to collect funds for those people who do bear trust. 

As God said, "Were all the nations gathered together, and kingdoms assembled, who of them would tell this or let us know of the first events? Let them present their witnesses, and they shall be deemed just, and let them hear and say, "True" (Isaiah 43:9)."

The witnesses do exist, but our world is surrounded by corruption and selfish attempt to control the press, as Mashiach also bore witness to. From false accusations and false conviction to illegal detention in county jail for nearly a year - these are the tragedies Mashiach faced.

This is my story; and nations are falling. Witnesses exist, but money provides publicity in this era. Financing provides legal defense and support to facilitate change around the world. 

It doesn't depend on you - but the safety and preservation of lives who don't need to suffer can be facilitated by supporting awareness to the issues. Giving the people awareness and recognition provides them an arm to support and be saved. Collectively, this mitigates the scale of worldwide terror, destruction, deaths, and hostility. 

As written in Psalm 81 "“If my people would only listen to me, if Israel would only follow my ways, how quickly I would subdue their enemies and turn my hand against their foes!"

When I told people how God gave me the control of waters and clouds - like that of Moses - people laughed in my face and ridiculed saying "ridiculous!" 

"It is as if this is a nation which did not hear the voice of God, your Almighty God, at Mount Sinai and as if it never learned a lesson. Faith in God is lost from their hearts, cut off from their mouths." 

The transgressions I bear and the separation from the land of the living has been by the loss of faith of those who claim, by empty words, that they believed these things happened in a time of past, and will happen in the future - but in the present, when it happened, they ridicule and abandon themselves from the Lord.

 "Seek the Lord when He is found, call Him when He is near" (Isaiah 55). He is here.

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