Supporting Liubov Shvaha, Refugee Student's Educational Fund

Supporting Liubov Shvaha, Refugee Student's Educational Fund

From Liubov Shvaha

As a refugee pursuing higher education, your support will bring me security. Help me reunite with my family and break free from displacement through education. An investment in me will make a difference in Ukraine.

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Hi, my name is Liuba Shvaha and I’m from Chernivtsi, Ukraine. I came to America as an exchange student two years ago. My story starts with the call I received on the morning of February 24th, 2022. My world suddenly collapsed when my mom texted me, still living in Ukraine, “Honey, war started”. In shock, I didn’t know what to do and what was going to happen with my future. But most of all, I felt guilt for not being able to be there for the ones I loved. Now, my education has become the way in which I will someday be able to serve and give back to my home, but most of all my people. 

Unfortunately, my last host family decided that they couldn’t host me for another year, following that, my exchange program sent me to work at the summer camp. There I learned and worked as a translator for Ukrainian kids who had just arrived in America. However, because of my visa (J1), I didn’t get paid for my 6-week job. My friend’s family decided to host me which I’m so grateful for.

After a long senior year and a lot of hard work, I got into 6 schools and received my Temporary Protected Status to be able to stay in the United States.

Currently, I am a freshman and an on-campus employee at one of the universities in Florida, I was lucky enough to collect the money for my first semester by working during summer, receiving scholarships, and the remaining tuition was graciously provided by my parents who are suffering from the financial hardship still living in Ukraine. I am actively seeking opportunities, grants, and scholarships in order to continue my academic journey. Assistance from scholarship programs and my parents has been invaluable. However, as the semester progresses, I am in need of additional financial support to cover the remaining expenses. 

Besides my college dorm, I do not have an official place to stay. Going back to New Hampshire where I went to high school I will need to live at my friend's houses. My pay from my job on campus is only $300 per two weeks which can barely cover my groceries and essentials. 

Your support will not only contribute to my education but also serve as a stepping stone towards achieving my goals. Any assistance you can provide would be a tremendous help in ensuring the continuity of my educational journey and the pursuit of my dreams. 

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