From Justin Terp

Im raising funds to open a beauty salon where trans peopla would feel welcome and not judged when they want to look fabulous. The funds would go into securing a premise for ou physical activities etc

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As a trans person it is very uncomfortable if you have to go to a regular salon to get your self looking the best you could possibly look. Theres usually a lot of snide comments and questions, the looks of judgement makes it even worse.

We aim to create a beauty salon where everyone is welcome to look fantastic regardless of their gender or orientation.

Funds would be channelled into getting a physical location...any ideas or recommendations can be mailed to

this also serves as a training facility where we would be taking in applicants for training.

If you are interested we have plans of making a youtube channel that teaches young trans how to do make ups .Also i can be reached via mail above

There are others ways to support our cause... we have apparrels that you can purchase to spread awareness

Find the link attached below

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