Support the degrise family

Support the degrise family

From De Grise Ben

family of 4 with the 4th on the way. Currently 25 weeks. Water broke, chances of baby coming early pray for 36 weeks., 8 month daughter. Need to be with mom for support. 160 miles from hospital. Help us be there?

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Hi there We are the De Grise family. We are trying to to raise some money to help support a very unexpected preddicament,  We are a family of 4 with the 4th on the way. Currently 25 weeks. On Wed 8/7/19 my wife's water broke. We didn't notice till friday 8/9/19 my wife had been bleeding so we went into get it checked out at fallon nv hospital. They had to caraflighted my wife to Reno nv, renown hospital, because they couldnt tell where the blood was coming from. They have her hooked up to the monitor and on fluids now to help keep up with the bleeding. It speeds up and slows from time to time its a mix of blood and amniotic fluids. she has been put in hospital stay and bed rest until the baby and her body has decided its time.  We are praying the baby can stay in for 36 weeks. We still have yet to find out his/her sex, we did 2 ultrasounds and neither was able to confirm the sex. In the mean time I Ben De grise have our first little one she is 8 months old and her name is Maria we have hit a rock in a hard spot. I have very little work to none at the moment being im a self contractor. My jobs are impossible to do while having my daughter if I can manage to even land one. I cant afford a baby sitter and she can't be on job sights. So I'm in a tight spot there. The grand parents are willing to help when there not busy. I can't ask them for much seeming their not doing so well there self. My wife really needs my support at the moment being were she is. she needs me by her side and to beable to see her daughter. We currently live in gabbs nv. We live 90 miles to the nearest town and 160 from renown hospital in reno nv. I can stay in her room from time to time but I'm supposed to get hotels with voucher discounts they give me. I am raising money because i have to be able to afford food for me and the baby. Her diapers and essentials. I have bills due at the worst time and animals I have to attend to. It cost me close to 80 in fuel to go there and back. I would like to drive back and fourth every other day. There is a chance the mother/ my wife shavannaha farabee could have the baby before the due date making it premature and have to be in a incubator. There is also a chance of a miscarriage and possibly more that could go wrong. We are asking for prayers and any help possible. Even $5 would help, It's the last thing we would like to do but its the only option we have at the moment. I try to be good parent and loving husband and usually have no problem paying my bills and supporting my family but this dilemma has set us back and made it hard to  succeed.  Anything is appreciated thank you and God bless your heart

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