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Support Tejas's Fight Against Scam

From Tejas Patwardhan

Urgent Help Needed: A Student’s Battle Against a Financial Scam, Struggle to Support the family while balancing the demands of Higher Education

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My name is Tejas Patwardhan, and today, I’m reaching out with a heavy heart and a hopeful spirit. As a devoted family member pursuing a Master's degree at UMASS Amherst in the US, I have always balanced academic work with supporting my loved ones in India. But earlier this year, our family faced an unexpected crisis. As a victim of an incredible scam, I was forced to allow transactions that drained my savings resulting in loss of over $14,000. Despite my best efforts, the credit card company denied my attempt to fight the fraudulent charges, compounding our financial misery.

This buried me under a mountain of debt, threatening the stability of my studies and family. As the sole breadwinner responsible for my mother, sister and grandmother, this setback hit especially hard. We were still grieving from the loss of my father, the cornerstone of our family, when our lives were deeply disrupted by this scandal.

I fell victim to an augmented scam, in which I was disguised as a call from the USA's Immigration-Customs Enforcement (ICE), (from a Legitimate Official USA's ICE Dept. phone number), claiming I had problems with my student visa and they didn’t stop there, I was hit with a really scary way, that there was even a federal arrest warrant in my name for money laundering! Fear covered everything. In a state of panic, I have made series of transactions which I thought I was paying for my release.

Now, with each passing day, this financial burden gets heavier. However, I will not let this obstacle define our future. Despite the immense stress and survival guilt from the cyberattack, I am determined to overcome this obstacle and continue my education. It is my sole responsibility to give my family the happiness they deserve.

I’m here to ask for your help through this GoFundMe campaign. Your contribution to this GoFundMe campaign is more than just monetary assistance; it’s a vote of confidence in my future. Every donation, no matter the size, is a step towards restoring my life and education. Every dollar raised will go directly towards clearing these fraudulent charges and relieving the financial burden that threatens to derail my dreams.

I urge you to share my story with your networks. Awareness is a powerful tool against such scams, and your help in spreading the word can protect others from similar fates.

I promise to keep you updated on my progress. Your support will not only help me clear my debts but also allow me to focus on my studies and my family’s well-being. I will share each milestone achieved, thanks to your generosity, on this platform.

I am eternally grateful for your time, your support, and your belief in my resilience. Your kindness is the lifeline that will pull me through this storm and onto brighter days. Your support is more than aid; it’s a testament to the power of community and compassion in the face of challenges.

With deepest appreciation,

Tejas Patwardhan

Some pictures showing my conversation with scammer is attached. In that moment of fear, they were able to make me call the banks for transactions.

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