Support rural camps to build children's future soft power

Support rural camps to build children's future soft power

From Billy McBroom

In recent years, society has continued to pay more attention to the welfare of children. When children are accompanied by their parents, they often travel and have the opportunity to learn talents, children in rural a...

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Among disadvantaged schoolchildren in rural areas, 25% have unstable family incomes. During summer vacation, children will travel with their families on holidays, while children in rural areas often help their families earn living expenses or spend them alone at home. It shows that in rural areas, due to insufficient family-related expenses, children lack learning resources and a sufficiently stimulating growth environment.

Open children's understanding of the world through the world attractions breakthrough activity

With the purpose of "serving the society and benefiting the people", the YWCA promotes various service activities for children and adolescents, and considers that it has the responsibility to continue to devote their efforts to the growth environment of today's rural/ disadvantaged children. Regularly hope that through the continuous holding of multiple learning experience camps for rural / disadvantaged children, providing a diverse experience and continuous learning environment, so that the rural / disadvantaged children can grow up in a healthy and happy platform of respect, self-confidence, and mutual help.

Encourage children to cooperate and experience team power through cooperative passing.

In 110 years, the female youth is expected to serve two disadvantaged rural children with different attributes. Two tiers of diversified learning experience camps will be organized in Toucheng Tingtao Camp, serving a total of 80 rural/disadvantaged students, and a total of 300,000 yuan will be required. Yuan, look forward to your generosity, let us build the future soft power of rural/disadvantaged school children, enhance competitiveness, and escape the poverty and disadvantaged situation that has been passed down from generation to generation!

In the past six years, we have served 428 children and we hope to invite you to let the love pass on!

Through the wishing tree activity, students are encouraged to make their wishes and move towards their goals.

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