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From Niki Lynn

While this is the worst time for everyone, I am trying to also make the best of this time. I am using this time to hone my skills, sharpen long time talents put on hold. Donations welcome, talent returned in kind. Art4U

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For as long as I can remember I have had a pencil, brush, camera , spray can or some art tool in my hands. At 13, as a freshman in high school, I commissioned and sold my first pieces... A 3 piece set with spray paints. They were framed and hung in the school and I remember being so proud! My 4 years of high school, I spent many hours in the art rooms, shop, and dark room (yes I'm that old lol). I took as many art classes as I could and had plans to continue on to college and become an elementary art teacher. I wanted to be a part of planting that creative seed in a child and watching them bloom with creativity and talent, to watch them develop their passion. 

I,  however,  made different choices. I chose first to become a mother. To plant and nurture my own seeds and hopefully, one day, inspire them. This choice brought me inconceivable joy and fulfillment and I continue to watch them bloom,  to see the amazing women they have become and are still evolving into. All the while, I continued mynarts as a hobby. The beauty they have brought to my life is something that I could never have imagined or have anticipated in my wildest dreams. They remain and always will remain my most beautiful and priceless creations.  

To that end, of those chapters, I am finally returning to what has always filled my heart,  inspired me, brought me peace and gave me a sense of purpose.  The purpose to bring all of that to as many others as I can. So, I want to share it with the world in the hope I can give them to even one person.  

These donations will be used to purchase supplies, pay for any processing needed, as well as helping to cover shipping costs for my return in kind to you for your donation.  With each donation I will include a gift (if you choose to provide shipping information), from a small photo print for you to display however you want up to larger framed prints or canvas work. 

Help me spread my work and bring the beauty I see to as many others as I can reach. Please check out my Facebook page Nuances by Niki if you would like to see some examples of my work before donating or if you have questions about my work. I can be reached by messenger there.  

Peace, love, and happiness to you!  Thank you for reading about my journey and goals.

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