Support Fleeing Afghan Refugee Family Rebuild Their Lives

Support Fleeing Afghan Refugee Family Rebuild Their Lives

From Refugee Family Help

My family has risked their lives fleeing Afghanistan, leaving their homes, jobs, and everything they know. I am desperately looking for help to support them once they arrive in the U.S. because I cannot do it by myself.

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I am coming to you in desperation for the sake of my close family members who are currently embarking on the grueling and traumatic journey to reach Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport. As many of you have heard on the news, Afghanistan's government has collapsed and the Taliban have swiftly taken control of the entire country - a series of events that occurred in less than a week, leaving many people in a state of panic and fear as they try to escape for their lives.

While I fully encourage each of you to help in any way you can, my efforts here are focused on those closest to me who are at an extremely high risk of being targeted, hunted, and killed by the Taliban, unless they evacuate the country. Due to my prior work with the U.S. military, and my family's ethnicity as Hazara (an ethnic minority in Afghanistan that is consistently targeted by the Taliban), my family is in a life or death situation.

I have been working alongside a number of contacts who have assisted and guided me in helping my family make it to this point in their journey. Without their help, my family would have little chance at ever making it this far, and for that I will be forever grateful. Each of the family members I am helping are in imminent risk of being targeted by the Talibanespecially the children. I cannot sit back and do nothing while there is a risk that my family will be targeted due to either my work or our ethnicity.

Where I am asking for your help is in providing any financial support, advice, or resources that can be put towards my family's permanent living arrangements and settlement in the United States. Once they are evacuated from Kabul, that is only the first step of a very long journey towards a new life. While I do not know where my family will end up after evacuating, I will be working endlessly to ensure they are eventually transferred to the U.S.

In the meantime, any support that I garner along the way will be put towards my family's living arrangements:

- A home where my family and their children can live while they settle in 

- Basic necessities for them to survive in a place that is completely new and foreign to them

My goal ($450,000) is aimed high in order to factor in the multiple family members and their children that are fleeing. They will need enough space to live comfortably until they are able to adjust to their surroundings. They are leaving everything behind and do not speak English; I need to do everything I can to give them basic necessities and a roof over their heads when they arrive.

Due to the rapidly deteriorating situation in Kabul and the urgency with which officials are telling people to evacuate, I am trying my best to create stability for my family when they arrive. The journey out of Afghanistan is more difficult than most of us can ever imagine, and my family - filled with my elderly parents and children - are already dealing with the trauma of the Taliban takeover. I am asking for help now so that we will have the resources to take care of my family as soon as they arrive.

While I know their resilience will give them strength to adapt, any help that will prevent them from further suffering upon arrival is appreciated beyond words. Any advice or additional resources for help are also greatly appreciated. 

Please share far and wide. 


The money will be paid to and distributed from myself to my family and to their living arrangements.

Any overages in funds raised beyond living arrangements will go towards basic necessities such as:

  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Essentials such as clothes and home supplies
  • Medical costs

They will be arriving with nothing, as they left everything behind in their homes. My primary goal is to purchase a home and/or set up some kind of permanent living quarters for my family. However, if there are additional funds, those will go towards any items that are needed, such as those listed above.

For the sake of my family's safety, family members names, locations, and photos cannot be disclosed for fear of exposure to the Taliban while they are trying to evacuate. Once they have safely evacuated, I will be more than happy to provide updates on how they are doing. 

Special thanks to everyone who has worked endlessly, day and night, to respond to my calls, emails, and texts. Special thanks as well to all who have reached out in support, to offer words of heartbreak and empathy.

You have helped me and my family find hope, and make it one step closer to a new life free of fear and instability. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for everyone who has helped me and my family. May we all see a day when Afghanistan is no longer suffering. 

Thank you.

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