Support Mazaher to Do His MIB at University of Miami

Support Mazaher to Do His MIB at University of Miami

From Mazaher Akbari

I am raising money for my living expenses. Donations will go towards costs of room, meals, books, personal, and transportation for the school year. Support my campaign to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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Hello dear friends, 

Thank you for your time in reading this request. Mazaher is an honorable young man who loves his family dearly. He returned to his family in Afghanistan after working in international affairs and completing his bachelor's degree in Gwangju South Korea. Shortly after his return, in August, his whole life was uprooted, and he and his family were forced to flee Afghanistan to another country when the Taliban moved into their region. He is currently accepted in the program of Master’s in International Business at a university in Miami to further his education and create a new life in the United States. The funds will go toward living expenses such as costs of room, meals, books, personal, and transportation for the school year. Anyone knowing of safe living arrangements or a reliable used vehicle, please let me know. We are so grateful to everyone willing to help this young man begin a new life in America and support his family as they do their best to start over. If you cannot give at this time, please share information, or share this link. Knowledge and support are key to beginning well for my friend. Thank you for caring.

Also, below you could read more about Mazaher's dream on education, his experiences, and recent happenings in his life. He believes what he went through recently made him become stronger not give up until achieving his goal and ambition. 

Mazaher’s Aspiration for Education 

I love the quote from Nelson Mandela about education and it inspires me to educate myself to be able to educate others around the world, tooAccording to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mineworker can become the head of the mine; that a child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation.”  

Introduction and Current Plan 

I am Mazaher Akbari from Afghanistan. Currently, I am a newly admitted student in the program of Master's in International Business at the University of Miami Herbert Business School for the spring semester of 2022. Through a competitive process for this educational opportunity, my application stood out among many excellent candidates. The esteemed university awarded me a partial scholarship to start my master's degree in the field of international business in the spring semester of the year 2022. 

This fundraising is for the indirect cost such as room, meals, books, personal, and transportation during a 12-month study in the United States of America. Your support will give me the ability to hone my skills in international business and to promote cultural understanding between my home country and the United States of America. My dream is to be a professor of international business and eventually, I want to join multinational companies where I use my skills and experience to find solutions for real-life problems at the regional and international levels. 

Education and Work Experiences in South Korea 

I have a BBA degree from Chonnam National University (CNU) as well as short and long-term work experience in South Korea and Afghanistan. Between April 2015 and August 2019, during my undergraduate degree in South Korea, I actively took part in extracurricular and academic activities both inside and outside the campus.  

Inside the campus, one of my best experiences during my undergraduate degree in South Korea was joining the CNU Taekwondo club. Besides my studies, through continuous exercise and efforts, I passed the black belt exam in Taekwondo and received the first Dan Certificate in World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). Also, I participated in various Taekwondo competitions in Korea. One of the highlights of all the competitions I participated in was winning a silver medal in Muju Taekwondowon, and bringing pride for the team of CNU Taekwondo Club. Sport is very necessary besides studying for any student, especially if he/she wants to stay healthy and live a stress-free life.  

Academically, between September 3rd and December 21st, 2018, inside the campus, I participated in competitive internship recruitment that Gwangju International Center initiated for international residents in Gwangju. The name of this Internship program was Gwangju International Internship Program (GIIP). I (from Afghanistan), and my 7 other friends from (Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, India, the Netherland, Taiwan, the United States of America, and Vietnam) successfully passed all the recruitment stages among more than 30 candidates and became eligible to work in 10 different organizations in Gwangju. I chose to work as an admission consultant with the Korean Language team of Chonnam National University Language Education Center (CNU LEC). At CNU LEC, while learning from my supervisors, seniors, and those respectable teachers who taught me the Korean language before I began my undergraduate degree, I performed the following tasks as an intern in charge of admission consultation: 

  • Admission Consultation of Korean Language Courses 

  • Screening the application form and conducting phone interviews with prospective students 

  • Providing administrative support for students' management 

  • Advising current students on visa extension procedures 

  • Certificate issue

Outside the campus, during my undergraduate degree, in South Korea, I have the experience of volunteering and membership with various local and international organizations which I would like to go through some of them here. First, I worked as a volunteer with the Asia Culture Center (ACC) Children's Department in Gwangju. As a volunteer, I looked after kids who usually came for various kinds of play during the weekend at ACC. As well, during the weekday I volunteered part-time and made many friends, too.  

Volunteer Experience as Cultural Exchange Volunteer (CEV)  

On the other hand, I worked as an active member of the UNESCO Gwangju Jeolla-Namdo Association (UNESCO GJA). In my free time as Cultural Exchange Volunteer (CEV) with my Korean Interpreter Volunteer (KIV) colleague, I visited Korean middle schools and high schools. I introduced the culture of my home country to Korean students using presentations. This was a program through which I presented a PowerPoint Presentation during each school visit in different provinces of Korea about the culture of my home country with my (KIV) colleague. I enjoyed this program very much because I could travel to different provinces of South Korea. I met many Korean students and the assigned class teachers while keeping in mind and transferring the following message that UNESCO emphasizes about cross-cultural awareness programs: peace, mutual understanding, and generosity.

Gwangju International Center (GIC) Membership 

As I became remarkably familiar with the Korean culture in Gwangju city, I decided to expand my network further and I got membership of Gwangju International Center, too. I encouraged students from my home country to take part in food contests and other cultural events in Gwangju among other nations. At Gwangju International Center, I had access to Gwangju News, a monthly magazine where many international and residents discussed their opinion about different social and cultural experiences. Also, I continuously learned and followed different programs in Gwangju International Center such as GIC talk, recycling, donations, new year, and other workshops related to youth that facilitated integration between local and international residents in Gwangju.  

Completion of the Undergraduate Degree in South Korea and Work Experience in Afghanistan 

In August 2019, I graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration of CNU, and after seeking a job related to my major here and there in South Korea I failed to succeed because my Korean Language Proficiency exam was expired to secure a job seeking visa. Therefore, I returned to my home country, Kabul and produced some of my own plans to serve my country in education concretely using my Korean experiences 

As a result, in June 2020, to use the grasping knowledge I gained in Korea for social changes especially in education in my country, I established Success Platform Education and Research Consultancy (SP) in Kabul along with five other shareholders. With a team of five young scholars who like me completed their studies abroad in various countries such as India, South Korea, Japan, and Kyrgyzstan one mission of our organization has been to be one of the top research and education consultants at least in five years.  

Between January and August 2021, I worked as admin finance manager and Korean language instructor at SP. I further enhanced my practical skills in business and teaching. During that period, one of the biggest achievements for me and my team were linking SP with the Korean Embassy in Kabul to further pave the way educational opportunities in South Korea for Afghan students. I and my team sent many students abroad to India and the United States of America to fulfill the much-unfulfilled dreams of young students for education through full and partial scholarships.  

Taliban’s Kabul Takeover and Its coincidences on Me and My Family 

On August 15, 2021, on a gloomy day, Kabul fell under the control of the Taliban again. My plan to serve children through Success Platform Education and Research Consultancy (SP) equally to both girls and boys and be a worthy cause for social changes remained unfulfilled in Kabul. Just like those young Afghans whose dreams were trampled during the first Taliban regime takeover in the past and left Afghanistan, I and my colleagues closed the SP office. The situation could get worse for scholars, previous government employees, or anyone who had a link with any international organization. Therefore, I and my family were forced to flee Afghanistan and settle somewhere saver for the time being.  

My Initiative after I and My Family Fled from Afghanistan

Later, because I have profound knowledge about computers and the internet, I started to connect with some of my previous mentors, coordinators, and teachers around the world, again. Many of my friends and teachers whom I met in South Korea contacted me because of the current crisis in Afghanistan. I asked them to inform me about any educational opportunities abroad to help me chase my dream of becoming an international business expert. I believe educational opportunities for experienced youth who do not want to give up in any circumstances are life-changing and turning points. So, one of my friends from Canada whom I met in South Korea recommended I apply for my master’s degree program in the institute where I am admitted now.   

Success and Congratulation Message from the University of Miami 

On December 10, 2021, I received a congratulation message and admission letter from the university admission team saying that I am accepted for a 12-month study program in the program of Master’s in International Business. This is a partial scholarship that only covers my tuition fees of $82,248. While the scholarship does not cover the sum of over $40,000 which is the average indirect cost for living expenses of a graduate student in Florida. After raising this fund, I will also spend some of these amounts for the miscellaneous costs that have occurred or will occur in the future such as application fee, I-20 fee, visa fee, and ticket costs.  

Orientation and Beginning of My Master’s Degree in International Business at University of Miami 

Fortunately, the orientation for international graduate students in the spring semester will take place online and it is on January 5th and 6th, 2022. This means I must plan accordingly for my living expenses in advance at this brief period. Therefore, I would like you to spare your time and support me as much as possible in this process. I believe your help and support will not remain unanswered when I complete this new chapter of my life in the United States of America. I am sure my master’s degreethe expertise and knowledge I get from the University of Miami Herbert Business School will enable me to use my experience better for my community. As an international business expert, I can bring the world closer for efficient contribution toward each other. Please feel free to contact me at or at in case you have any questions. Thank you for contributing and sharing this link with your networks. 


Mazaher Akbari 

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