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Matthew was released on house arrest 3 months ago after spending 33 months in Jail. He is not allowed to work or leave the house. He has no money to support himself, pay medical bills or for additional legal expenses.

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As discussed on Terrence Popp's Grunt Speak - Injustice for all - 8/9/22

Matthew Harrison has spent the last 3 years of his life, since 8/13/19 in custody, 33 months of it in one of the worst jails in America, without trial, for a crime he didn’t commit. Mr. Harrison has been aggressively fighting for a speedy trial for over two years to clear his name and get his life back, submitting 13 formal demands to the 3rd Circuit, but he has been consistently ignored. He has had no less than 7 trials cancelled by the state in this time. Once again he has been told he has no prosecutor on his case, meaning his next scheduled trial date of 10/31/22 will also likely be postponed. He is still fighting for his life. 

Matthew is a talented Engineer but he has been denied the right to earn a living under house arrest. He has lost nearly everything from being incarcerated for three years and is now forced to live on his best friend's couch and answer online surveys for $1.50 an hour. He was provided no medical or dental care while in jail. His health has deteriorated. Four teeth have slowly and painfully rotted out and he lacks the funds to save the two that could still be potentially salvaged with root canals, support work and crowns.

This situation is particularly egregious because the Court and Wayne County Prosecutors have been aware that there have been serious issues with this case from the beginning. Beyond this, we now have hard proof the Wayne County Prosecutors Office intentionally destroyed or withheld substantial material evidence from Matthew's attorneys in this case for 3 years in violation of Brady v. Maryland.

A year and a half into Matthew’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, he found her overdosing on Heroin and choking on her own vomit. It was so bad the doctors had to put her in a medically induced coma for 4 days. Matthew stood by her side horrified and heartbroken as the doctors told him it was certain she would die or end up a mindless vegetable. From this point on she was never the same, her behavior growing increasingly violent, abusive and bizarre. Nine months later Matthew had enough of the abuse and broke up with her. When he did, she falsely accused him of rape. No rape kit was taken and no physical evidence of sex exists.

During this same nine month period, Matthew’s accuser overdosed on Heroin two more times. Each time she ended up being committed to the hospital psych ward at St. Mary’s Hospital in Livonia, MI for a month after she violently assaulted the very physicians who saved her life. Death threats against Matthew were also relayed to him. She dropped out of two rehabs during this period as well and briefly sought Opiate treatment medication from Dr. Gambel in Southgate, MI in Spring 2019. Matthew was a frequent victim of domestic violence during this entire period.

When Matthew Harrison and his defense requested these psych and drug abuse records from his judge, she didn’t think it was relevant to the case. I repeat, the Judge did not think it was relevant in a Capital Rape Case with no evidence that the accuser spent 2 of the last 9 months leading up to this Institutionalized in a mental hospital. It gets worse.

Matthew’s accuser swore under oath at the preliminary exam that she had not used Heroin or other opiates for 3 years. She also swore that she never took meds to ween her off Heroin. To this court, documentary evidence of Perjury by the complaining witness is not considered relevant in a capital rape case with no evidence.

To make matters even worse, hard evidence exists that the Westland police department and/or the Wayne County Prosecutors office deliberately destroyed evidence or failed to turn it over to Matthew’s attorneys for 3 years. This is known as a BRADY/GIGLIO violation and in normal jurisdictions is considered quite serious. Since getting out on tether, Matthew has been able to locate an older cloud backup of his cellphone, containing serious material evidence that corroborates his story, including multiple videos of his accuser assaulting him, bizarre behavior by his accuser, multiple death threats and more.

After arresting Matthew, the police searched his house for and intentionally seized his cellphone, which had nothing to do with the crimes he was accused of. Matthew informed all his lawyers that there was a wealth of audio/video evidence on this cellphone, but nothing but blank discs were ever handed over and the prosecution continued to claim nothing existed on this device. More importantly, the cellphone contained threats by the accuser to lie to police about rape and abuse made in the weeks prior to Matthews arrest that do not exist in earlier backups.

There are 120 other people stuck in Wayne County Jail in situations like Matthews, because the Detroit courts have not been taking people to trial for years. Having gone public with these issues and more, Mr. Harrison has painted a target on his back. They could make him disappear at a moment’s notice. The last of his retirement funds were used to retain trial counsel. He is now penniless and will need additional funds going forward to continue his legal battles and help to rebuild his life.

• This is a man who has had 3 years of his life stolen from him and the government of Wayne County responsible for it still claims he has not been denied a speedy trial. THREE YEARS! I REPEAT, THREE YEARS!

• The state has intentionally withheld or destroyed material evidence in this case in violation of Brady v Maryland and Giglio v US

• The state has willfully ignored evidence of perjury and serious mental illness in the complaining witness, as well as a history of Borderline Personality Disorder and violent and delusional behavior.

• The state has failed to provide this man adequate medical or dental care for 33 months and prevented him from seeing physicians for the first two months of his house arrest.

• Through their callous actions, they have completely destroyed this man’s life. He has next to nothing. He now suffers from PTSD due to spending 3 years in that hell while falsely charged with a crime viewed little better than child molesting.

America did not do this man wrong. He was done wrong by the actions of faithless men and women who swore an oath to defend the constitution of the United States and turned their back on it. We are here hoping that you will join us in trying to help this man get through this and back on his feet again and pay for any additional legal counsel. He’s a really good guy and didn’t deserve to have this happen to him.

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