We need your support for Lance to Heal his Brain Injury

We need your support for Lance to Heal his Brain Injury

From Linda Gera

Lance's accident in Nov caused a brain injury. Seizures and memory issues have not improved. He appears fine, he hides his pain. His doctor believes he needs a Doctor that knows how to heal it. We need your help

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My son Lance was in an accident in Jan 2022 (hit by a car in a grocery parking lot) and then in a near fatal car accident in November and underwent 3 surgeries he was hospitalized for 4 weeks. Although the broken bones have healed; the brain injury continues to cause memory issues and seizures as well as depression. His doctor recommended that he go to a specialst such as Amen Brain Institute in Walnut Creek. Seeing him suffer on a daily basis is very difficult and the only way to get him into their program is to ask for help. He has been on worker's comp since the accident in January 2022. The diagnostics testing at Amen cost $5300. Treatment and supplements come after the diagnostic testing which is another cost. I am familiar with the Amen Brain Institute (I read Dr. Amens book) when Lance had it first brain injury (hit in the head in 2005).  Another promising option is another doctor recommendation. This doctor has healed himself from a brain injury and has been helping others to do the same. He is in Berkely, and he reviews your case and decides if he can assist. These two options give us hope. Love and Gratitude to you

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