Support Girls and Women's Co-Ops in Morocco

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Support Girls and Women's Co-Ops in Morocco

From Mohamed El Idrissi

Support Girls and Women's Co-Ops in Morocco

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 This project supports the establishment of a cooperative whose worker-members are 60 women from the rural village Tassa Ouirgane in the Al Haouz Province. The Cooperative trains women in literacy and business education to promote their socioeconomic advancement. Women learn embroidery and sewing skills in order to produce value-added products that can be sold to sustain the Cooperative and generate income for the individual members and their families.  


 Gender disparity is particularly profound in rural areas, where the communities are at an economic and educational disadvantage to their urban counterparts. Marginalization of women and girls is due to a range of causes: limited financial resources within households; the burden of household chores assigned to girls; the absence of education, communication, and transport infrastructure; and beliefs that prioritize educating males.


 Women's Cooperatives enable autonomous income generation, create educational programming, give rural women the opportunity to solidify their pivotal role in socioeconomic sphere as well as the ability to dictate the terms of the community's development. This project will increase its Members' skills and create the basis for women and girls' participation in development and decision-making and will establish a rural value-added enterprise based on crafts to diversify the rural economy Long-Term Impact The project integrates solutions, and its goals are to: 1) empower 60 women directly, and 540 people indirectly, through the participatory approach; 2) train 60 women in value-added enterprises enabling them to have economic independence; 3) Reduce urban migration by employing people locally; 4) strengthen transparent procedures and create partnerships through the process of identifying and implementing new projects (economic, health, education, etc.) to promote human development  

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