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Support for Tom

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This campaign exists to encourage continued support for the medical needs of Tom in the journey to recover his health and well being. Help us reach above and beyond our limitations to further support his recovery!

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Our Story

Over the past two years, Tom has experienced many health issues that have led us on a journey to understand what is going on and how to help him heal. During this time, the many doctor, hospital visits, procedures, and treatment costs have totaled up significantly. However, our focus has never been on the cost of these but rather finding help and getting him on a journey to recovery. Initially, Tom had to resign from his main line of work in ministry due to health and we have not been living on our own due to limited financial means. Disability has not been an option as the diagnoses are not compatible with SSA requirements. For now are a basically living as a single income family with many medical bills and debt due to the situation. This has been a huge challenge, but our focus has always been to keep searching for answers and help that would further the progress of his recovery. 

This year we have been able to rule out (for now) some major and serious health concerns and have also been able to find some of the players behind his current issues from lab testing. From our best knowledge, it appears that Lyme, SIBO, and severe gut dysfunction have caused many of his issues. In the past several months, Tom has made the most progress and has actually been able to get outside a bit more on good days. Still, on those not so good days his time is spent mostly resting and trying to control the 25+ symptoms and pain that come and go. 

How Can You Help?

Since many of our basic needs are being met for which we are extremely thankful for, this campaign solely focuses on health care and medical expenses. Any donations will go toward meeting these type of needs exclusively and be reserved for them alone. We would also be greatly blessed by your prayers and words of support and encouragement during this season. Although we have been reluctant to  ask for help during this season, the Lord reminds us that he provides both directly and often through others. If we fail to ask, then we should not be surprised if we have not received. We seek his help in being obedient and praying this as we ask him to help meet our needs. 

Currently, we are seeking support to offset testing and lab costs not covered by insurance. This provides us and our doctors with the best information on how to navigate continued health support and treatment. It also helps maintain Tom's health so that he can continue to work out of the home and provide for the family. 

Our Hope

While we continue to move forward in this journey it is our hope that one day we will look back on this season as time of personal and spiritual maturation. Whether in full recovery of health or not, it is our goal to continue trusting in the Lord who provides us with all things necessary and keeps watch over us day by day. It is him we trust with our lives and in him we hope for a brighter future. 


Erin and Tom

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