Support for Nita BaldEagle

Support for Nita BaldEagle

From Cyrus Mayer

Raising money to support Nita BaldEagle & her family through tough times. Nita is sick and her home in South Dakota is falling apart, she has no running water and no money to winterize before the harsh Dakota winters.

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Those who take care of others, share all that they have, should always be taken care of in this life.

When I was in need of a home, Nita shared good food, precious medicines, her language, laughter and her stories. I am forever grateful by the generosity & love she shares with all those around her, and I know many of us are inspired by the way she gives so much and asks for so little in return.

 If anyone out there has resources to support Nita in protecting her family, or knows of folks in the Midwest that could help winterize her home at low cost, please contact us!

I have sat down and worked out that with new insulation, windows and dry-wall repairs it would cost twenty-six thousand to twenty nine thousand dollars.  I would like to use an insulation that is safe. The ceiling is not finished so on windy days, you can see insulation particles floating down from the ceiling. 

Here is a message Nita shared with me for the sake of her home, family, and her livelihood-

I am a Lakota Mother & Grandmother.

My home is always open to people who have a heart for the indigenous of this country. 

I am disabled. I lost a lung in my youth from a gun shot wound, and I suffer from C.O.P.D. in the lung that survived. I have arthritis in all joints, I am losing my sight again in my right eye, I sleep with a Cpap and Oxygen machine at night.

I had a stroke, but was flown to Sanford Hospital 500 miles away just in time so I am still here, by the grace of the higher power. 

My house & my health are falling apart, I have no where to go... I have no money and no help from anyone. I still have no running water, it is September and I cannot winterize my home for my daughters and son. 

My youngest son was brought to me when he was almost 1 year old, born addicted, FAS, flat head, failure to thrive. He has come a long way. My twin daughters and I worked with him everyday so he could move, kept him off his back and massaged his head so eventually it became rounder and shaped like it should be.

He knows me as his Ina, he is 8 years old now and I don't want to lose him. If I cannot provide a warm home & good food I could be forced to give him up. He will be traumatized, I hope it doesn't happen, I love him so much, and he loves me too!! After my stroke, he awoke in tears, really crying, and said he dreamt that I went away..... he was trying to run and catch me so I wouldn't leave him...         Brings tears to my eyes just typing this... I am in dire straights. I don't like to ask for help... I used to be the help.

It is cold and drafty where I live ... With winter coming soon, I am afraid of freezing my daughters and little son, we have no other place to go. My home is 32 × 24 sq. ft. Plus an addition that is also 32 × 24 sq. ft. The older part of the house is needing to be re-insulated, and dry-walled. The plumbing needs a fix in 2 places, the pipes freeze and break every winter. We hope to get a new floor to add to the subfloor. 

Our truck is the only transportation that we have and we live on a road that is not priority to plow during winter and especially blizzards. We have waited for a week before it was plowed during a heavy snow storm. I was doing good making payments but my illnesses are getting the better of me. Buying healthy food to eat is very expensive, and I don't want my little son to eat junk, he is growing. My doctor is 40+ miles away, so having a truck is necessary to get to school, doctors and the grocery store.

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