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Support for Mallory Rae

From Mallory's Family

A good friend Mallory has passed on, we are raising funds to help ease the family's financial burden.

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Below is the story from Caring Bridge -  This is a rough story line of what happened to Mallory since her accident.  News articles about this story are available on the Noozhawk, Independent, KEYT, KCOY, and more.

At 3:15pm December 11th, our beautiful, smart, loving, full of life Mallory passed away peacefully. I love you so much babe. Your everything I would want in a daughter, a friend, a sister or anything. My heart is so broken that I could not get the chance to kiss u on your wedding day. To watch u grow old and see every amazing thing that we knew you were going to be. Your the light of everyone's life and there is only one girl like you. Your in a better place now and I know you know just how loved you are. Just look around. Look at all these people that came pouring out just to send you love. I'm so proud of you for fighting so hard I swear I'll spend the rest of my life making sure your Mom, your Father and your 2 lovely brothers get every good thing this life has to offer them. We will take you everywhere we go and you will never be forgotten. I love you sitches. You are my mainest all time biffy. 

Last night, one of our dearest friends Mallory was in a very unfortunate freak accident in Santa Barbara. She was a victim of a hit and run accident while walking with a few close friends. The suspect was thankfully caught immediately. He was under the influence of alcohol. This blog was brought to us as an option by Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital to keep friends and family informed on her condition.

If you know Mallory like we do, the woman is as tough as nails and she has the strongest spirit out of anyone we know. Unfortunately she suffered a severe head injury that caused swelling to the brain and two of her carotid arteries are finding difficulty to reach oxygen to the brain. 

As of right now (11:00am), her vital signs are somewhat better, or at least enough to undergo surgery to drain out excess fluid. 

She suffered a broken pelvic bone, tibia, fibula, and one of her knees. What's most important is we all pray for her full recovery from the brain surgery. This is the hardest thing I've ever typed. I am trying my best to accurately describe her conditions from what the doctors and family have communicated to us. I'm sorry for any typos. I can't really think at all right now. Hope you understand.

During times like these, support is very important for her and her family. It was a sight to see the hospital lobby full of Santa Barbara friends and family coming together at 2:00am.

Mallory is the core of so many groups of friends. It is almost overwhelming. She is the rock for so many of us and we know she will pull through. Just please keep praying and focus on her recovery and progress, rather than who did this to her. ALL POSITIVE, please. Our sweet baby Mal will feel your prayers. POSITIVE VIBES. 24/7.

Remember to love those around you and their health should never be overlooked. 

1:00pm - She's out of the surgery and doing well. it will be about 48 hours until they know anything exact. Hopefully then the staff can give us more concrete details.

2:30pm- Mallory's skin tone seems to be showing healthier signs. some swelling has went down. but until a good portion goes down she won't get the green light to do an MRI. The MRI tells us about what nerve damage, if any has happened. This is what the nurse has said.

Her heart rate is lower and has stabilized post surgery, which is great. One big concern for all of us is that one of her carotid arteries is supplying the blood/oxygen for her brain.

FORTUNATELY, her youth is a huge plus from what the nurse said. If MAL was a lot older, the functioning arteries would be more relcutant to work twice as hard like we see right now.

Lets pray her swelling goes down quicker than the 48 hours. The Quicker she heals, the more we know she can pull through the next stages. 

3:08 some bad news. The surgeons have been great but the fluid in the back of her head is still there. They said there is no procedure on Earth that can get rid of that portion of fluid because of its location. Too dangerous. The bad news is that we need all the fluid gone in order to work on the rest of the issues. Or if it's life threatening they will take a chance. It's up to luck, Mallory's strong spirit AND our positive vibes for the fluid to go down. I'm sorry if I'm butchering any of the medical terms, my mind is just going in so many directions. 

5:00 Thank God the angiogram showed bloodflow. They can FINALLY do an MRI. This is pretty much the final tell all whether MALLORY is with us and nerve damage didn't get the best of our baby girl. 


Pray for our Mallory

6:45-Doctor told the family Mallory will get her MRI in TWO hours or so. This is very crucial. something SPECIAL MUST happens. But, MALLORY is such a special soul, having something special happen seems the only way we see this Going. Docs were all shaking their heads on how a woman of her size could have taken a hit like that and managed to keep  vitals intact and pass these hurdles. But hey, this is Mallory and she is the loudest dog in the yard. she is a fighter since day one. Mal you got this. 

8:50were not out of the woods but Mallory put a surprise on all the doctors with the results that her MRI SHOWING BLOOD FLOW TO THE STEM. In the 20th hour, this is great news but not a perfect score. Her vitals are good. her complexion is better and the lack of serious internal bleeding are all things we can be proud of our bulldog MALLORY. She loves you all and things are little brighter but we still have other issues at hand. Howeve, we've all been humbled and any news like this is wholeheartedly welcomed. My butt needs a shower. 

December 7th

9:00 So we got more good news but I'm waiting to get the doctor to give me more details on the medical terms. It was a quiet night for Mal which is great. So while we wait, I'd like to bring up what the staff said "was a miracle to her survival on impact." They said that she received a few cracks in her head that saved her life. In the specific positioning it was at, it allowed our baby to have some "breathing room" for the fluid and swelling. 


Its so hard to type this emotionally and tears on an iPad is very very counterproductive.


IF ALL GOES WELL, Doctors are amazed that they might be able to do an angioplasty to restore blood flow in her left Corotid artery with a stint in the next 24-36. This is huge when they were saying yesterday both were too damaged.her right Corotid artery they are waiting longer til she is stronger to assess.another amazing thing is that Mals big beautiful heart was able to pump enough blood to her brain even though her corotids have this trouble. The "others started working overtime" 

ALSO WHAT'S HUGE IS THAT we heard the doctors talk to maybe work on placement for the broken parts of her leg and pelvic area. I'm not a doctor, but why would they fix someone's leg if they are not gonna get out of bed. It's just great news for them to even think about secondary issues aside from brain trauma. 

2:33 Just to provide a quick update, Mal had another CAT scan this morning.  Doctors evaluation was basically that the stroke on her left side of her brain has developed.  This could cause certain loses of function including ambulatory and articulation. But it is great to hear that the doctors are focusing on recovery in these critical conditions. 

December 8th 

10:30am I apologize for the long wait to update Mal's condition. Yesterday, the doctors simply were hoping for Mallory's head swelling to plateau or start going down. The swelling has not gone down considerably but at least it has plateaued. 

BUT REALLY HUGE NEW IS THAT HER RIGHT EYE RESPONED TO LIGHT BEING FLASHED AT IT!Mallory, like I told ya this morning, I'm so proud of you and how much you're fighting. Seeing results that show us her brain stem swelling MIGHT be going down is such a plus. yesterday, both of her eyes remained unresponsive to light but her right eye responded to multiple tests just to be sure. Seeing Mal's pops finally smile and be excited this morning was heart warming. Mal Mal, you're a source of inspiration to all of us and I know you feel all this love coming your way. Big Bro and the crew ain't going no where :)

2:30pm December 8th One of the staff members mentioned this through the grapevine. So I thought It was worth mentioning. 

-Days 3-5 are crucial because the brain is coming out of shock. Basically, the brain is on it's own from day three. Let's pray for her brain to ride these next few days on its own smoothly. 

Can't wait until our MALLORY is up, beating all of us at Jeopardy as usual. I can already feel her cocky smirk breathing down my neck over World War 2 trivia. 

11:45am I wish I could bring some better news on her recovery but our Mallory has to undergo a serious surgical procedure on a part of the brain where the swelling has started acting up a lot. Her ICP level shot up to 30. Last night we saw it around 5. Mallory has been in critical condition since she came in last thursday. We all need to praise the good news everyday but also remember just how easily some issue can arise. They need to remove a part of her SKULL. How small or how big I am not sure. She can and will pull through this but our baby is fighting for her life to be like it was before this unbelievably tragic accident. 

4:15pm December 9th The surgery  is done

Pressure is back down to a 17-20 range (intracranial pressure)They will do a scan tomorrow AM unless there is a reason to do it sooner.  ill keep everyone posted."It's still a wait and watch and see"The problem with this morning was handled as well as possible. The swelling is no longer a severe threat FOR NOW. Which is a win for today. However, it's an up and down ride and everyone has been so supportive. Mallory and her family love all you guys for that. 

11:45pm  MALLORY's intracranial pressure levels below 20. They have been rising to mid 20's more or less. Doctors decided to do a scan to find out more about it. FORTUNATELY, they are using a portable scanner for this one. The less she is moved the better. Pray for the best.In other news, on 12/15, we are having a fundraiser in Santa Barbara, CA  this fan page will keep posted on which venue tomorrow. 

3:00am "The nurse was smiling ear to ear"-Toads

Mallory's intracranial pressure went down to an average of 5. This is good news considering the fact this is needed during days 3-5. Lowered pressure. From what were told the days 3-5 need lowered pressure and the brain bein resilient. Mallory, you have now idea how many people love you. Your the best friend strangers are jealous of. You got this.

Tuesday Morning -Mallory is still fighting her fight however things have taken a turn for the worse.  At this time the doctors are taking her off her paralytic and sedative medicine so they can do more sets.  Results of these tests are expected in about 24 hours.  As we all know things change very quickly and we will do our best to get the information to you quickly once we have anything to share.

Wednesday Morning - as of 11:15am there are no major updates at this time.  We have been in touch with the family and for now we are all still waiting.  We have set up an online donation site for people how are interested in making a cash donation for the family.  Visit this link to make a donation:

11:57 - Status Update By Greg Dies

This is the status update I certainly didn't want to write , for our little fighter will fight no more . Mallory Rae Dies Will be taken off all life support today . She will soon be winging her way to a much more peaceful place. Her orgNs will be donated so hopefully a few more families will never have to go through this brutality. She has fought the good fight and for long enough. We of course now have to wait for the coroner to pronounce her brain dead as this now is considered murder two. There is no escaping this nightmare and we will continue on without her. Thank you for all the prayers and please tell your loved ones they are loved. Life can be short my friends.


People have been asking for my email to lend help or more info on our experience. My personal is My name is Saba, I'm a close friend of family-

1:00pm December 11th

MALLORY HAS NOT PASSED YET. SHE WAS IN THE SAME POSITION SHE WAS IN YESTERDAY. Please refrain from posting anything publically about her passing in anyway. We all love her and the posts are made with the best intentions but her family does need to be seeing or hearing about that.Until we officially hear from the staff, we would love it if her friends and friends of friends would take down their posts anything regarding our Mallory passing.

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