Support for Lorena Verdaguertorres and her sweet family

Support for Lorena Verdaguertorres and her sweet family

From Lorena Verdaguertorres

Kata has been hospitalized since early December, and just this past week, doctors gave her a terminal diagnosis of Leptomeningeal Disease. As if this diagnosis isn’t heartbreaking enough, the hospital’s Covid-19 restrict

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As many of you know, Lorena Verdaguertorres (62) is a caring, brilliant, funny, and selfless wife, mama, sister, daughter and friend. Kata and her husband Joe have built a beautiful little life together here in the Midwest. Kata’s greatest joy is undoubtedly her role as mother to her and Joe’s three amazingly gifted, and adorable children, Miles (9), Charlotte (7), and Rose (3). Wise and nurturing beyond her years, Kata is a loyal friend and advocate, always available to listen to and support those who need her. She’s the one that showed up with food to feed the volunteers working her own fundraiser in the spring of 2018. She is love and light for so many, and now is our opportunity to show her how much she and her family mean to us. 

In 2018, less than three months after giving birth to her third child, Kata was diagnosed with stage III Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). Almost immediately following this shocking diagnosis, Kata underwent a single mastectomy followed by multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. This past spring, after the onset of debilitating headaches, doctors found that the IBC had metastasized to her cerebellum. Kata underwent radiation and brain surgery to remove the malignant tumor and was quickly on her way to a full recovery. Unfortunately, Kata’s health began to decline this past October and she was hospitalized for days and weeks at a time throughout the fall without receiving a definitive diagnosis. In spite of her symptoms, Kata’s scans and other diagnostic testing continued to come back clear. In early December, Kata lost the ability to keep down any food or water and began to have trouble walking. Kata was admitted to the hospital and after days of testing and attempting to relieve her symptoms, doctors gave Kata the diagnosis of Leptomeningeal Disease. The cancer has metastasized to the meninges of her skull and into her cerebrospinal fluid. The prognosis for Leptomeningeal Disease is dismal at best.This diagnosis is terminal. 

Doctors began the first of what they believe will be 5-10 rounds of radiation before determining Kata’s next course of treatment. At this point, they are trying to manage her symptoms the best that they can. 

Kata’s funny, talented, hard-working, and loving husband, Joe, has been right by her side throughout the entirety of her battle with cancer. Joe recently switched jobs in an effort to gain better work/life balance for his family. While he loves his new job, the change also meant the family’s health insurance has been impacted - adding an additional layer of difficulty to both the treatment and the financial aspect of Kata’s condition. Because he is new in his role, Joe is not eligible for FMLA, meaning that anytime he takes away from work to care for Kata and their children will be unpaid. We hope to raise enough funds to not only eliminate the medical debt incurred but also to cover other financial burdens during this time, allowing Joe to focus completely on his family.  We write this on Christmas Eve, and amidst all the hustle and bustle the holiday season brings, I urge you to think of this family and our sweet Kata who is suffering in a hospital room all alone. Because of COVID restrictions, she has not been able to have even a single visitor. She has faced this recent diagnosis without her devoted husband by her side and she is expected to have to remain in the hospital for the duration of her 5-10 more treatments. As if this is not tragedy enough for a person to bear, being alone and separated from family on Christmas is  just unthinkable. Please help us lift this family's spirits. 

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