Support for Israeli Soldiers' Mental Health

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

As the war in Gaza continues, we cannot forget the well-being of the brave men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces who have served their country and people with unwavering dedication. While their physical safety is of utmost importance, we cannot overlook the psychological toll that war can take on individuals.

Many Israeli soldiers will not have access to sufficient psychological services post-conflict, and it's our responsibility to ensure they receive the support they need to navigate the challenges that may arise. Trauma, stress, and the emotional toll of war can linger long after the battle is over.

This is why we've launched this campaign – to provide funds for mental health resources and counseling services specifically tailored to the unique experiences of our soldiers. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of these heroes, helping them reintegrate into civilian life with the mental and emotional support necessary for a healthy future.

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