Support Evacuation and Resettlement of Afghan Cyclists

Support Evacuation and Resettlement of Afghan Cyclists

From Fazli Ahmad Fazli

For the past decade, Afghan women cyclists have become a 'right to ride' movement. These women have challenged gender barriers, inspired the world, and risked their lives to ride a bike. Now they need your help!

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Thank you everyone for your incredible generosity, and your patience while we fundraised with radio silence. The priority has been logistics for the past 13 days. The Washington Post has called this a Digital Dunkirk and it is. There is a rebellion connected around the world that has made this evacuation happen remotely. But let's be very clear. This has not been an evacuation for Afghans. It has been a blockade and we have fought tooth and nail for every Afghan to get on a plane. Most of the time, Afghans were not allowed to get through the airport gate to board their plane. Neither were many Americans. It has been a BATTLE to support our Afghan friends and colleagues because they have been humiliated throughout the entire process. It didn't have to be like this. We have had 12 days to get Afghans out, and often these planes were half empty. The same planes we fought to get our cyclists onto the manifests for, left nearly empty because Afghans weren't allowed to enter the airport. I am livid but I don't have time yet because we still have a lot to do. Radio silence is all I can give you as I haven't slept more than a couple hours in the past 12 days. as time zones and chaos don't allow for a break for a minute. But also - because now is not the time to share. Now is the time to protect Afghans' lives that aren't on planes. Please know that I see every donation message come through but I cannot reply. I hope to update you more regularly and share some of the successes. We are halfway to our goal. And we are also fundraising offline to set up a fund that will allow the support beyond any evacuation. I will share the purpose of these funds when it is safe to share more details in the coming days. In the meantime, we still have a lot of work to do. Today's devastating attacks in Kabul and elsewhere just illustrate how quickly we need to open the blockade. Thanks from the bottom of my broken heart, and stay tuned.

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