Elvira's Legal Defense Fund - Stop a Predator!

Elvira's Legal Defense Fund - Stop a Predator!

From Jessica Luther Rummel

Together, we can help support Elvira's fight for freedom and liberation from her abuser who continues to weaponize the courts and her daughter against her by ensuring she has effective legal representation.

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After escaping an abusive and violent relationship, Elvira fought her way through law school to represent herself against her ex, who continues to repeatedly file repeated  petitions for custody of a child he refuses to support, along with frivolous suits against Elvira and her family as an admitted form of punishment.  

Hiding behind his alter egos on social media, Elvira’s abuser brags about how he does nothing to support the care of his daugher as a form of revenge against her for leaving him. He even boasts about terrorizing Elvira in the courts, threatening to take away her rights, all while bragging that he can do so because he has something she doesn't, "access to money and lawyers." When he's not boasting of toruturing of Elvira, this proud chauvinist and predator also uses social media to promote womanizing, racism, and bigotry, and has even described his own violent sexual assaults against women in his content while also offering financial advice to men, explaining how they too can defraud the courts and avoid child support by hiding their financial assets! 

Click HERE to watch the full exposure video on youtube showing the kind of man Elvira is up against, how he treats other people, especially women. We can't upload the full video exposing him because he will just cry and report it to the fundraising site calling it harassment when actually that is what he does. So please click the link. 

Elvira is the epitome of a brave single mother doing everything she can to care for and protect her child! As of the launch of this Fundly campaign, we have raised just over $12,000 to support Elvira on a Gofundme campaign, linked here. Unfortunately, Elvira's ex started making $5 min donations to the campaign just so he could slander and terrorize Elvira through the campaign donor comments. Gofundme is not able to turn off commenting features so we have been forced to move the campaign to another platform where comment moderation is available.  

This battle is not over and Elvira plans to continue to her fight! Let's rally together to ensure that she and her baby are supported with solid legal representation in critical upcoming court dates. They have been through so much and both deserve liberation from their abuser! 

Click HERE to watch the latest interview update with Elvira regarding her case. We can't share it here directly either because he will just cry and report it to the fundraising site calling it harassment when actually that is what he does. So please click the link and follow Elvira's playslist on the organizer's youtube channel to get the latest updates!

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