Support Armenian Wounded and Displaced

Support Armenian Wounded and Displaced

From Suren Sam Babayan

We are fundraising for medical supplies for the wounded and for help for displaced refugees from Artsakh who are coming in in large numbers who are mostly women and children.

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We are fundraising for medical supplies for the wounded and for help for displaced refugees who are coming in in large numbers who are mostly women and children.

Currently Artsakh and Armenia are in danger and are being attacked by Azerbaijani and Turkish forces. Our soldiers, our children, our brothers, sisters, fathers, uncles, nieces and nephews are putting their lives on the line to protect our home, our land, and our innocent families. Please help support our Armenian troops protecting Artsakh and Armenia against the Azerbaijanis, Turks and their hired military fighters trying to take our home, our land and wipe out all Armenians.

This fund is for medical supplies to help our wounded brothers, sisters and families, to help them to protect OUR land so our children will have an ARMENIA to see. Please help and donate anything you possibly can so we can help our troops.

My name is Sam Babayan,

I'm a resident of Las Vegas and have travelled back and forth to and from Armenia several times in the past 3 years. I am fundraising as an individual and not part of any official organization and will be collecting the donations transferring them myself to Yerevan and will then use it to help the refugees directly and the troops indirectly as described in detail below.

You can reach out to my wife Haso Babayan at


if you are interested in additional details of our efforts or would like an update from us on how our efforts are going here.

The efforts right now are very fragmented as the conflict is just starting to escalate. There are not a lot of formal efforts ongoing at the moment that are providing the immediate and tangible effort that the refugees and the wounded need. The local residents in Yeravan are gathering informal groups of volunteers to help refugees and the front lines. There's one large group that is being organized by the city elite including Actors, Comedians, Artists, etc. We  are actively receiving calls from individuals from this group with information on newly arriving refugees and me and my family are helping to find transportation and shelter for them as well as food, clothes, and other essentials.

A portion of the donations will also be used to buy essential medical supplies from any local pharmacies that still have stock since it is so much cheaper than purchasing from the US. These supplies are given to local resident volunteers that then drive them and many other supplies to the front lines. This is all being done informally because of the speed of the escalation of this conflict. 

The need only keeps growing and we can use your help but whether it's your donation to us, to another charity/fundraiser, to our country, or your own direct efforts, anything and everything makes a difference.

Thank you.  

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