Support Amaka's Home Birth and Postpartum Care

Support Amaka's Home Birth and Postpartum Care

From Chinasa Porter

We are fundraising for immediate and long term housing solutions for my sister Amaka currently in need of safe and affordable housing as well as funds for all birth and postpartum care.

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My name is Amaka Ndubia. I am a Black female artist/creative. I am expecting my first child in June. I currently live in a very old house with many different roommates, meaning we have little to no private space. There are currently a lot of ongoing repairs happening in the house, foundational problems, pests and mold. This living situation is simply not safe or conducive to the wellbeing of a newborn baby. It is imperative that I secure my own space as soon as possible, specifically for the comfort, health, and well-being of my family and I. I am currently looking for housing solutions and financial support so that I may focus solely on preparing and providing for baby and healing postpartum. 

I am also requesting ongoing funds so that I may be able to pay my midwife and care team for the wonderful work they do for our community. I am working with a trusted community midwife who has provided care in my family for many years. It is incredibly important to me to be able to both work with her, and compensate her for her time. I was born at home and it has always been my desire to give my baby the same safe and sacred passage into a warm and loving home environment surrounded by people I trust, instead of strangers at a hospital. I personally do not trust hospitals and do not believe they are safe for Black mothers and babies. The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of all developed countries and the death rates of Black pregnant people has the highest percentage. An act of violence that targets Black people more than any other group of people, speciffically in the United States. This is not accidental. The medical industrial complex in this country began as experimentation grounds where they tortured, dismembered and murdered Black bodies in the name of modern medicine and imperial expansion. We as Black people have every right to choose not to participate in a system that not only seeks to strip us of our bodily autonomy, but quite literally would rather us dead. So instead of participating in such a system, I choose to seek higher and better care for myself and my child outside of the oppressive and often deadly workings of the medical industrial complex.

With your support, these funds will be used for my birthing journey as well as the continued care that is necessary to bring myself, my child and my community forward in these times. This is my call to anyone who wishes to support, protect, and nurture Black people birthing Black babies into the world. 

Below is a list of long and immediate short term financial needs where your funds will be allocated: 

  • $3000 midwife

  • $3,000 postpartum care

  • $600 body work/healing massage, acupuncture, chiropractor for me+baby

  • $400 birth supplies and birthing tub

  • $300 baby supply (need to get a car seat that is compatible with my stroller + other supplies) 

  • $11,250 rent and moving cost (750 for current place + 1500x6 months + deposit to move)

*If you cannot support financially but still have housing resources and or other supportive contributions you would like to offer, please send an email to:

*If you are having trouble donating funds via this platform you can send money via venmo: @amakandubia or cashapp:amakashami3 paypal:

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