Support Alex Jones Ex Wife Kelly Jones' Legal Battle

Support Alex Jones Ex Wife Kelly Jones' Legal Battle

From Kelly Jones

I'm Alex Jones' ex-wife. Alex has just filed again to take my children away/modify child custody. I am raising money for legal fees for an attorney to defend my family in Court and to support my Appeal.

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I am Alex Jones' ex-wife, Kelly Jones. I filed for divorce and lost my children for years off of lies, perjury and gaslighting.  The corruption and cruelty I experienced leaving Alex Jones have been ceaseless and almost unbelievable.  

You can read my story on, which I have launched to raise awareness about my family's situation and Family Court corruption:

I went from being the primary and almost sole caregiver to our three then-young children to having less time with them than criminals and abusers are typically given.

The Jury decided for me to be Primary Parent over a year ago.  The Judge in my case was incredibly biased:  she wouldn't let infowars footage come before the Jury.  Despite this, the Jury decided for me (off evidence of serious neglect and abuse).

Now Alex has just filed to drag me back into Court again, trying to take the kids away.  He has filed multiple Motions for a New Trial and has vexatiously filed against me for years.  His hostile, litigious nature has left my children in the middle of a toxic and bizarre legal battle that no children should ever have to go through.

I am raising money for legal fees.  It is horrible, but fees have been in excess of $100K a month.  I have a lot more than many, but I don't have the kind of money to put me in the same universe legally.  What settlement I have left isn't available to me openly but in monthly form and if I spend all that on attorneys, I will be devastated within a few years.  I am considering selling my home, but have the same concern. I don't want to have to ask for money, and I'm some will question my so-doing.   If you will consider supporting me, I will use all money from the fundly account on legal fees. I will post the bills (if the attorney allows) and be as transparent as possible about how I'm using the money.

In addition to defending myself in the Child Modification suit I have legal fees related to my Appeal.  I'm appealing unconstitutional orders that block my Free Speech and other civil liberties. You can read more about that on my website,

I will regularly post updates about the cases (Appeal, Child Modification Suit and Tort Claim) on so you can know how everything is going.

Thank you for your consideration.  I have provided options for me to plug/cite your donations on my twitter feed if you like so people can see that you are helping me fight back against my toxic ex.  If you want this option after you donate, please let me know at Your support means the world to my family.  Thank you.

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